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Brenda Dixon Story: Brenda Dixon wins Appeal!!
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TOPIC: Brenda Dixon Story: Brenda Dixon wins Appeal!!
Brenda Dixon Story: Brenda Dixon wins Appeal!! 9 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 0

There is a video on this link!

It is hard to believe something like this would happen in the United States of America, especially now with women's rights. While waiting for one of the three, $6,000 checks, I would receive for support, I was hauled out of my home before the trial. The check was said to be lost in the mail. I had no money to move, nowhere to go, and received no support for a year. I would receive NO SUPPORT at all. I used to live on $50,000 a month. My multi-million dollar estate would be laundered through the State Court. I would get no property, not even my own money. The silver, paintings, china, all would be left in the estate. I would never see them again! It was like being in Nazi Germany. This is how they treat women in Honolulu. Please read, as this is a warning. This could be you.


The truth about Judge Choy and Judge Radius in Honolulu. I do not recommend anyone moving to Honolulu Hawaii, getting married there, buying property there, or even vacationing there. What happened to me could happen to you. Governor Linda Lingle, as well as her State Attorney General, Mark Bennett, and the Prosecuting Attorneys Office continue to protect and ignore what looks to be organized crime. After the abuse (the above tape) I am in dire need of spousal support -- my right by law. I challenge Linda Lingle and her State General Attorney Mark Bennett to take me in to get it. Two attorneys have failed before the dishonorable Judge Choy, who wants to make up his own laws for his friends. Judge Choy and Judge Radius worked together to launder my entire marital estate through the State Court. They gave me none of my marital estate in the millions. This included a $15 million plus business, I was entitled to half of (my ex-husband was broke when I married him), over $2 million of Schwabs and annuities, almost $1 million in cash of real property, and my personal money I came into the marriage with. All laundered through the State Court to my ex-husband as I was abused and given NOTHING. Organized crime is a state issue, not a civil matter. Judges need to follow the law. These judges and Attorney Kleintop broke every state law in the book to do it. Even though Hawaii is part of the United States of America, don't believe it. Jan Weinberg, my ex-husband, an attorney there, had his judge pals and attorney pals launder my money to him. All of it. There were huge conflicts of interest.
My first day in court, Judge Radius ordered me out of my home in my name, with no support or moving expenses without knowing anything at all about the case. My ex-husband was making $300,000 per month at the time. She then set aside a perfectly good marital contract, to pave the way for what looks to be "racketeering" for fees which Attorney Kleintop (my ex-husband's attorney) seems to be the master of. Judge Radius would then take away a $3.1 million marital contract. It was signed and negotiated. Attorney Kleintop created fees for his attorney friends. Attorney Chuck Kleintop would say I forged my ex-husband's signature on my contract. He then would attempt to hire Police Handwriting Expert Jim Josey to back up his lie. Jim Josey turned the case down. He said it was my ex-husband's signature, but Attorney Kleintop would move forward with a $80,000 trial, perjury and all. He couldn't find an expert to lie for him. So, our expert proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was my ex-husband's signature, and a fully negotiated file of my ex-husband's attorney matched with financial disclosures and quit claim deeds of the contract. I had gone into a mediation to find out if the contract was fair. My ex-husband had laundered $1.2 million cash to his friends, undisclosed in the contract. After nine months of no support and no work done on the case, I went to enforce the contract with Judge Radius, who would take this signed, negotiated agreement from me, ruling that it was signed by my ex-husband and negotiated by his attorney. Still, she took it from me. This opened the door to abuse after abuse by Attorney Chuck Kleintop, and his fee making was of fraud and total money laundering of my property. Judge Radius did whatever illegal action Attorney Chuck Kleintop wanted. Judges and attorneys would cover, aid and abide, the $1.2 million cash transfers to my ex-husband's attorney friends. Attorney Kleintop, through Judge Radius, took all my belongings out of my home and put them in public storage for two years. No support, no property. My attorney said I was lucky, her other clients' clothes were dumped in a dumpster. This is the way they treat women over there.
After the contract trial, Judge Radius wanted her attorney friend, Everett Cuscaden, paid $40,000 (my attorney). Judge Radius knew I had received no support at all for a year. They refused to ask Attorney Jan Weinberg, my ex-husband, for fees, even though it was found he committed "perjury" and he did sign the contract. In addition, Judge Radius, with Judge Choy, would then push forward a divorce trial date, made before the "perjured trial" over the signed negotiated contract. I had to let my attorney go, as he refused to ask for fees from my ex-husband. I found a new attorney, Madlyn Purcell, who was not part of the "Honolulu Boys Club" and would ask for fees. She would go before Judge Radius to ask for an extension on the divorce trial, as no work was done on it, and, all the time taken up with the "perjury trial." Had the marital contract been enforced, there would be no divorce trial. Suddenly, Radius would disappear, and suddenly Judge Choy was assigned to the case.
Judge Choy had taken an early retirement, actually he was asked to step down as a judge as he had problems in another case involving some illegal law breaking with the I.R.S. Yet, out of retirement, pops up Judge Choy.
My attorney, Madlyn Purcell, informed him of the following: A) There were huge illegal transfers of cash to my ex-husband attorney friends who did no work on the case; All the time to prepare for the trial was taken up with a perjured contract trial, and had the signed, negotiated, marital agreement been enforced, there would be no divorce trial; C) Judge Radius has the money to mount this trial "frozen in court," and that she needed that money to prepare for the trial; and D) She needed an extension of time as she was a sole practitioner and had another trial at the same time.
Judge Choy refused an extension and went on a cruise, and left the money for the trial frozen in the court. He told Madlyn to get out of the case herself. Madlyn began making appearances before Judge Radius, who would not release the money of $40,000 frozen in the court for the divorce trial. So, finally, 24 hours before the trial, Judge Radius released the money. The only person who would take the case was Madlyn's friend, in her old firm, Mary Luccus. No other attorney would touch the case or trial with only 24 hours to prepare (for a divorce trial or default). Judge Choy's son was an attorney in that firm. This was a total conflict of interest, as the firm would be partial to Judge Choy no matter how illegally he may have acted. Judge Choy was asked to step down. He refused, even though his son was a colleague of Jan Weinberg's (my ex-husband). Also, a personal injury attorney, like my ex-husband, Judge Choy now would go forward with a trial where he had a total conflict of interest and I had no money to mount the trial, no representation, no work at all done on the trial, no exhibits or witnesses, allowed in for me at the trial, and because I was taken out of my home, all my things in storage, I had had a breakdown and was heavily medicated. Judge Choy received four letters from doctors informing him that I was heavily sedated and in no condition for a trial. Judge Choy ignored their letters.
As I stayed in a $100 per night hotel, all my things in storage, they had listed my home in Honolulu $1.7 million under market price (with no appraisal), which is against the law in Honolulu. The law is that they had to have a court-appointed realtor, bona fide appraisal, and list the property to sell to the highest bidder. Judge Radius would, of course, appoint a realtor friend of Attorney Kleintop. The realtor friend of Attorney Kleintop would show up at court and lie about the value of the property, with no appraisal.
All laws had been broken, especially the real property laws. The 8th Amendment that states everyone has a right to a fair trial was also broken. These judges had set me up to defraud me out of all my rights and properties, and did.
The trial went forward. My attorney brought our caseload list worth millions. $3 million cash was proven to have come in after the "perjured" Business Evaluation (this was the tip of the iceberg). We were never allowed to look at the books and records or do any discovery for our multimillon dollar business. My ex's practice was failing with no case load when we married. I refurbished his office, redid his terrible advertising, changed his image, and created a commercial for him he used after the divorce. I went over every case with him as I refurbished a historical home and L.A. condo. Judge Choy gave it all to my ex-husband. Our business, worth $15 million, would be laundered through the State Court by these judges. My personal property I came into the marriage with, which was proven at trial, was laundered through the court to my ex-husband. Our annuities were laundered as well. $2 million of Schwabs were laundered. I had an second sighed negotiated contract. My ex-husband was so in debt when I married him (over $500,000). We had a contract to offset that debt. Also, Judge Choy would set aside this contract even though my ex-husband would say he signed it and his attorney said he wrote it. A second signed agreement proven taken from me.
Judge Choy would forgive my ex-husband's pre-marriage debts, $500,000 paid with marriage funds, and set aside the second signed contract. Judge Choy would allow my ex-husband to purchase for himself a new Jaguar, and a new Range Rover for his son before the trial, but leave me with credit card debts of $65,000. He would allow my ex-husband to pay his credit card with marital funds. All that occurred at the trial was fraud and money laundering. He allowed my ex-husband to pay Attorney Kleintop hundreds of dollars out of the firm and only gave me $40,000 for fees at the last minute.
Judge Choy would leave me homeless. Stop any support, even though my ex-husband was making $300,000 per month. The law is "Standard of living to restart life and career." My standard of living is $50,000 per month. We are multi-millionaires. But Judge Choy would make up his own laws to suit his friends and leave me homeless. This is how absurd this Courthouse and the judges are.
Judge Choy knew that I had had a breakdown and was heavily medicated, and not at all coherent for the (fraudulent trial) he pushed through. Dr. Gary Augustine wrote him that in his 30 years of doing his work as a psychologist, he had never seen someone taken out of their home before the trial. I was staying in a $100 a night hotel room in a bad area with no clothes, as I awaited the trial. I was heavily sedated after I was woken up at 7:00 a.m and taken out of my home. The above tape.
There were was the fraud of false arrest and false imprisonment. Judge Choy would decide to take possession of a California condo (the one I was supposed to get in my contract). This property was jurisdiction of the California Courts. His fraudulent judgment belonged in a California judge's hands. The divorce decree needed to be "Domesticated" to a California judge, so a court-appointed realtor, a bona fide appraisal, and the home be listed. Judge Choy and his pals had other plans and laws did not matter at all, they were "Cowboys" who ignored all laws.
Judge Baker of Santa Monica, California, ordered at a trial in California to evict me. They could not evict me and they needed to "Domesticate" the Hawaii divorce decree in a California Court.
Judge Choy had other plans. He would lock me up in a filthy Hawaii 3rd World jail, as he tried to extort me to sign off on my California deed. "They" had already broken all real property laws in Hawaii and had sold my home at $1.7 million under market price, not to the highest bidder, without any appraisal, which is against the law in Honolulu and Los Angeles. Since it was not sold to the highest bidder, my ex-husband could still own the home, or Attorney Kleintop could have sold it to a friend of his -- maybe his realtor friend. Someone has the $1.7 million equity. If the laws were followed, this could never happen.
After two months of my false imprisonment and extortion, Judge Choy would sign off on my California deed. Totally illegal in California. While I was locked up he would aid a break into my home in California. My ex-husband would rob the safe and they would put my clothes in California in storage!!! They would illegally sell the condo to a friend for hundreds of thousands under market value. While I was locked up in a filthy jail, Producer, Mark Cherry, contacted me for a job on "Desperate Housewives." I would not receive the email until a year later and lost the opportunity to restart my career.
Judge Choy's arrest was a false arrest, as he had not no signed warrant which is required by law. Again, Judge Choy would make up his own laws. After the below letter was written by my California Attorney, the new buyer of the condo sold it quickly for a $200,000 profit.
Finally, as I was made homeless, sleeping on my 85 years old mother's floor, she had a stroke. The jailing of her daughter and this homeless person (her daughter) on her floor caused her to die.
Judge Choy and Attorney Chuck Kleintop would take my half of the cash from the sale of the condo and home (approximately $455,000) and launder my half to themselves, in the form of "Attorney Fees and Sanction." Chuck Kleintop would charge me for the cases they initiated and lost in California. I was following California law. They were deliberately breaking it. They would then launder $300,000 or more to my ex-husband -- my half of the cash from the real property. Sanctions should go to the State of Hawaii, not to my ex-husband. In addition, Judge Choy took this money for a $1,000 per day fine he placed on a condo he had no jurisdiction over. All against the law and fraud. These people belong in prison.
The question is, what is Attorney General Mark Bennett going to do about the corruption in the State Court of Honolulu. I spent 11 years of my life there. I need my half of our properties and support. The below letter is from an attorney to the new buyer. After I was released from jail, I got real estate representation. Everything these people did was illegal and fraud.
Posted by Brenda Dickson at 5:17 PM 23 comments
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Sunday, October 18, 2009
Appelate Court Rules Judge Choy's Jailing of Brenda Dickson a Mistake!

I want to thank the Hawaii intermediate court of appeals for doing such a stellar job. I lived in Honolulu 11 years and loved it. Hawaii is the kind of place where if they know something is wrong they will correct it. Thanks to Darrel Huff who did with ABC news a great piece that shed hope on this situation in that court. I spent time in Viet Nam at age 17. I was over there twice. I will never forget, as long as I live, the brave young men that fought for this country, and our constitution. Due process should be at the forefront of every trial. To be stripped of all rights and property and have all laws deliberately broken is not what our country is all about. I have made my ex-husband an offer way below what I am owed; I hope he will accept it so I can move on with my life now. A special thanks to Connie Watanabi, a judge who will retire this year and seemed to know my circumstances well. I believe this ruling will forever change the way people are treated in Hawaii. I am very lucky to have realized some justice. Thank you. I think the picture of an innocent women in handcuffs, stripped of all her property all her rights with 15 million of whole assetts laundered through the state court is a picture Hawaii will never forget. If that changes due process law and makes judges follow the law, so be it. I could have signed off on the deed I was being extorted to sign off on to be released, but I knew this was one right they could not deprive me of. Judge Choy had no jurisdiction over the California condo. A California judge had already ruled his judgment needed to be given to a California court to fairly sell the condo. The truth is that the condo and millions more rightfully belonged to me. I thank all my fans who wrote to Honolulu on my behalf, and who have stood by me. This is a victory, for me, and everyone in Hawaii.
Posted by Brenda Dickson at 10:30 AM


Hawaii -Paradise NOT said...
Aloha Brenda!

I would love to speak further with you! Hawaii Second Circuit (Maui) is doing the same thing to many. All property taken from me AND ALSO MY CHILD. Laws broken, not followed, history of child sexual abuse allegations against my Ex ignored! Child forced to his abuser! I didn't get jail but I got just as good at my ex husbands request! No money but need appeal and need assistance and guidance any way I can get it. I've been following your case and congratulations are clearly in order. There was another successful appeal earlier and mine needs to be next! Corruption is so extensive here in Hawaii, especially in the Judiciary, that they might not bother having laws here. Keith E. Tanaka is the Judge who stole my assets and child and gave all to my drug addicted ex. He had assistance from his plelora of "professionals" like Child Services and GAL Barbara Sauer. Child abuse is ok with Keith Tanaka and if your attorney could help me my son and I would be grateful.

Please contact me so I can keep hope alive! You may know and have spoken to my sister and Dara Carlin over this way!

There are many here affected in this same way by Keith Tanaka of the second circuit. The whole system needs to be over hauled for the parties, the children!

Hawaii Paradise NOT


October 19, 2009 6:35 PM
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Re:Brenda Dixon Story: Brenda Dixon wins Appeal!! 9 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 0
Thank god for this miracle!

I, my elder mother and my precious daughter, Sierra Malia, have been blatantly legally abused by both Judge Darryl Choy and Judge Christine Kuriyama since 1998!

Presently, I have NOTHING!

No business, no family, no earthly belongings, no contact with my ONLY child due to this abomination called the Hawaii Family Court.

Presently, I am attempting to publish a website to expose TWENTY-THREE people, including 3 Clergy Members, who have been allowed to destroy my daughter's childhood for personal gain in the First Circuit of the Hawaii Family Court.

This is a nightmare like NO OTHER. There are no words to describe my gratitude for this website!!!!


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Re:Brenda Dixon Story: Brenda Dixon wins Appeal!! 9 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 0
Please post what you can to this forum! Link where possible but don't spread too thin. Post the information here and maybe the admin here will post it on a main page.

So many people think all the corruption and illegal acts are happening only to them. Many, many children are suffering! Many families are destroyed! Corruption and criminal acts are rampant in Hawaii's family courts because there is no accountability for the crimes they commit. Judge Choy in the 1st circuit and Keith Tanaka in the 2nd circuit are but 2 of many very negligent and corrupt Judges. Corruption and illegal activity abound in the courts and in the para-professionals they employ. Who was your GAL? The one that destroyed my child through lying, liable and fraud was Barbara Sauer on Maui. She was assisted by Child Services and the list goes on and on and becomes very politically motivated. All I can tell you is that Keith Tanaka likes shooting fish in a barrel. It is downright shameful that he considers Hawaii's women, children and families fish all the while taking home his $100K plus taxpayer paid salary!

Keep posting. Get the word out! There is no other way to save our children, ourselves and our communities!

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