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Learn from my mistake- Research before you hire!
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TOPIC: Learn from my mistake- Research before you hire!
Learn from my mistake- Research before you hire! 8 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 1
I am currently involved in a family court case, so I am not comfortable telling my story quite yet. However, I would like to share this information, as it may help someone.


I had never been to court so I did not know how to find a good attorney to represent me. I hired one that an acquaintance told me about, and I trusted that he would take care of my case. I never bothered to check him out or if what he was telling me was true. He was the first attorney I ever hired in my life, and I made a HUGE mistake! He was corrupt and did a great deal of damage to my case, my child, and my family.

Had I know how to check him out and how simple it is to do do, I am certain I would not have hired him. This particular attorney is not a Hawaii attorney, however I thought I would post his information to demonstrate how much one can learn about an attorney if they run a search on him through the state bar website.

This attorney is currently disbarred and will hopefully never be allowed to practice law again. However, this is not his first disbarment, or even his second. He has a long history of doing harm to his clients and their court cases. A simple search of his name would have taken me five minutes or lest, cost me absolutely nothing, and revealed this information to me.

While at the Battered Mothers Custody Conference, I learned how to do this, so I decided to search out my first attorney. Below is what I found out. (I wish I knew then what i know now!)

Retrieved and copied from the California State Bar website on 2/10/2011: (members.calbar.ca.gov/search/member_detail.aspx?x=92896)

Thursday, February 10, 2011 State Bar Home

Home > Attorney Search > Attorney Profile

William John Salica - #92896

Current Status: Disbarred

This member is prohibited from practicing law in California by order of the California Supreme Court.

See below for more details.

Profile Information

Bar Number 92896

Address 3450 Hualapai 2127

Las Vegas, NV 89129 Phone Number (818) 456-2736

Fax Number Not Available

e-mail Not Available

District Outside California Undergraduate School Suffolk Univ; Boston MA

County Non-California Law School St John's Univ SOL; NY

Sections None

Status History

Effective DateStatus Change

Present Disbarred

11/20/2010 Disbarred

8/1/2003 Not Eligible To Practice Law

10/7/2002 Active

9/3/2002 Not Eligible To Practice Law

12/11/2001 Active

12/6/2001 Not Eligible To Practice Law

8/7/2001 Active

7/22/2001 Not Eligible To Practice Law

10/21/1999 Active

9/27/1999 Not Eligible To Practice Law

5/30/1980 Admitted to The State Bar of California

Explanation of member status

Actions Affecting Eligibility to Practice Law

Effective DateDescriptionCase NumberResulting Status

Disciplinary and Related Actions

11/20/2010 Disbarment 02-O-13095 Disbarred

6/4/2010 Ordered inactive 02-O-13095 Not Eligible To Practice Law

2/26/2008 Ordered inactive 02-O-13095 Not Eligible To Practice Law

4/4/2004 Ordered inactive 03-N-03692 Not Eligible To Practice Law

8/1/2003 Discipline w/actual suspension 99-O-12420 Not Eligible To Practice Law

12/6/2001 Ordered inactive 99-O-12420 Not Eligible To Practice Law

7/22/2001 Ordered inactive 99-O-12420 Not Eligible To Practice Law

Administrative Actions

9/16/2003 Suspended, failed to pay Bar membr. fees Not Eligible To Practice Law

9/3/2002 Admin Inactive/MCLE noncompliance Not Eligible To Practice Law

9/27/1999 Suspended, failed to pay Bar membr. fees Not Eligible To Practice Law

Copies of official attorney discipline records are available upon request.

Explanation of common actions

State Bar Court Cases

NOTE: The State Bar Court began posting public discipline documents online in 2005. The format and pagination of documents posted on this site may vary from the originals in the case file as a result of their translation from the original format into Word and PDF. Copies of additional related documents in a case are available upon request. Only Opinions designated for publication in the State Bar Court Reporter may be cited or relied on as precedent in State Bar Court proceedings. For further information about a case that is displayed here, please refer to the State Bar Court's online docket, which can be found at: apps.statebarcourt.ca.gov/dockets/dockets.aspx

DISCLAIMER: Any posted Notice of Disciplinary Charges, Conviction Transmittal or other initiating document, contains only allegations of professional misconduct. The attorney is presumed to be innocent of any misconduct warranting discipline until the charges have been proven.

Effective Date Case Number Description

11/20/2010 02-O-13095 Decision [PDF]

11/20/2010 02-O-13095 Stipulation [PDF]

California Bar Journal Discipline Summaries

Summaries from the California Bar Journal are based on discipline orders but are not the official records. Not all discipline actions have associated CBJ summaries. Copies of official attorney discipline records are available upon request.

November 20, 2010

WILLIAM JOHN SALICA [#92896], 64, of Las Vegas was disbarred Nov. 20, 2010, and was ordered to make restitution and comply with rule 9.20 of the California Rules of Court.

Salica was terminated from the Alternative Discipline Program for lawyers with substance abuse or mental health issues. He stipulated to numerous counts of misconduct in five consolidated matters, including moral turpitude, charging an illegal fee and practicing while not entitled, as well as failures to perform legal services competently, refund unearned fees, comply with a court order, promptly pay client funds, release client files, respond to client inquiries or take steps to protect clients’ interests.

Salica’s misconduct, said State Bar Court Judge Richard Honn, evidences multiple acts of wrongdoing . . . trust property or funds were involved . . . and (he) was unable to account to the client or person who was the object of the misconduct for improper conduct toward the property or funds.”

Salica also was disciplined in 2003 after stipulating to 23 counts of misconduct in six consolidated matters, ranging from commingling funds to failing to obey court orders.

August 1, 2003

WILLIAM JOHN SALICA [#92896], 57, of Studio City was suspended for two years, stayed, placed on three years of probation with an actual six-month suspension and was ordered to make restitution, take the MPRE and comply with rule 955. If the actual suspension exceeds two years, he must prove his rehabilitation. The order took effect Aug. 1, 2003.

Salica stipulated to 23 counts of misconduct in six consolidated matters, ranging from commingling funds to failing to obey court orders.

In one matter, a property dispute related to the use of an easement on his clients' property, Salica advised the clients to stop making payments on their second mortgage and instead send the payments to him to hold. He never obtained the consent of the defendants' lawyer to withhold the payments.

After filing a lawsuit and receiving the defendants' answers, Salica did not inform the defendants about a status conference, and they did not appear. Another attorney appeared for Salica.

The court scheduled another conference and a hearing to show cause why Salica should not be sanctioned for failing to notify defendants' counsel about the first hearing. He gave them notice of the status conference but not of the OSC hearing.

Neither Salica nor his clients appeared at the status conference; Salica was sanctioned $990, which he never paid.

The clients' property was scheduled to be sold at a trust sale, so they paid Salica $1,500 to obtain a restraining order halting the sale. His application was denied.

The case was set for trial, but Salica never notified the clients about a request for production of documents and never told them a deposition was scheduled.

The case was eventually dismissed. When Salica informed his clients, they asked that he try to have the dismissal set aside, but he never filed the proper motion. However, he later appealed, without his clients' knowledge or consent. The court dismissed the appeal and advised Salica that any request for rehearing must be filed within 15 days. Twenty-three days later, he told his clients they should file an appeal immediately, and said he needed $3,500 to do so. He did not tell them he had already appealed and that the appeal had been dismissed. He filed a motion to vacate dismissal, which was granted.

In the meantime, Salica's clients were ordered to pay more than $10,000 to one defendant and $212 to another.

As a result of his misconduct, his clients incurred unnecessary costs of more than $36,000.

He stipulated that he failed to perform legal services competently, respond to client inquiries, deposit client funds in a trust account or cooperate with the bar's investigation, and he also committed an act of moral turpitude and commingled funds.

In another matter, Salica was hired to register a federal trademark and to incorporate a company in Nevada. The client paid him $5,000. He incorporated the company but never trademarked his client's name.

He did not respond to his clients' many requests for information, and when they hired a new lawyer, he did not provide their file or refund the unearned portion of their fee.

The clients sued him for negligence, but Salica never paid sanctions ordered when he failed to comply with discovery requests.

Seven months after the clients fired him, Salica's secretary paid $75 to the Nevada Secretary of State to reserve the corporate name of his client, thus precluding her from suing him.
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Re:Learn from my mistake- Research before you hire! 6 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0
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