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A Corrupt Judge (Paul Murakami) and Per Diem Judge
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TOPIC: A Corrupt Judge (Paul Murakami) and Per Diem Judge
A Corrupt Judge (Paul Murakami) and Per Diem Judge 8 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 1
I am fighting an unfair uphill battle againgst a corrupt and unjust family court system and my ex-husbands family. After fighting with my ex-husband and his family for custody of our 3 beautiful children for over a year I had won sole physical and sole legal custody after he had failed 2 random drug tests and a restraining order later. Just that battle was unfair having to deal with the courts BS about giving him a second chance to get clean while my legal bills continue to climb, and parading in and out of court on a monthly basis.
Now he has a new attorney per diem judge Alvin Nishimura a part time judge in traffic court, and getting away with murder....almost literally. He has not followed any court order which includes ramdom drug tests, drug counseling and rehab, and child support which he owes upwards of $30,000. His fathers who is also a police chaplin and his mother are the ones persuing this, they had already lost a grandparents right to intervene motion that they filed against me and now they are using their son who in 3 years didn't want anything to do with my kids to get custody. I assure you that if the courts did its job I would not be in this desperate situation. I have never seen a judge dismiss all the evidence and put everything off the record before it just shows that judges are allowed to rule from the bench with no reprocussion what so ever. It seems that Judge Murakami and Per Diem Judge Nishimura are not interested in the childrens best intrest and only in their own agenda dispite the devestating consequences it may and will have on your keikis.
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Re:A Corrupt Judge (Paul Murakami) and Per Diem Judge 7 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0
Paul Murakami is responsible for sentencing my grandchildren to a childhood without their entire family here in Illinois by giving residential custody to my daughter's abuser, their father in Hawaii. this man was never involved in their lives and abused my daughter in the presence of my grandson. He has stolen their childhood and caused them great suffering. My granddaughter called me on the way to the airport to leave Illinois after their "visit" screaming & crying not to send her back. She called my daughter from the plane screaming "get me off this plane!" It's so disgusting. I just don't understand why, with all the movements and everything being written about the corruption, -it continues. Nothing at all changes....and these are children!
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