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AngelGroup is spearheaded by people who've experienced or observed the corruption in Hawaii's legal system and social services.  We don't advocate whining about your current situation.  We advocate consistent, proactive and pragmatic action, with avoidance of as many pitfalls as possible.  What we're resolved to do is change the legal landscape, achieving long-term change and potential correction for individual cases.  This will result in fewer families and children being harmed.

As AngelGroup has been privy to the "insider" details of cases, we've discovered there are many, many people experiencing the same set of circumstances. We've asked some of these "victims" to step forward and initially there is fear of retaliation.  This is reasonable....Whistle blowers are not rewarded in Hawaii, YET.  It appears that corruption is rampant from the Governor's Office on down... from the Supreme Court on down...

Have you ever heard the saying, "Divide and Conquer"?

This is the methodology the opposition is counting on.  Apparently we're dealing with organized crime, racketeering for fees, obstruction of justice, blatant violations of civil rights, etc..  This is why we are getting organized.  Their strategy is to beat you down financially, mentally and emotionally, wishing you to crawl into a dark corner, afraid to move. Many have complied but many more are resisting.  If we raise our voice together, we will be louder.  They won't be able to make us disappear so easily.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.
~ Samuel Adams ~


Now, all of this sounds quite dramatic, but if you're experiencing anything close to what we've observed, you're breathing a sigh of relief.

Yes, someone believes you.  YES, someone else understands!

We have to remember that:

  • Our numbers are GREAT...we are not alone
  • If we bond together, we have a greater chance of tripping Goliath
  • The individual evidence in our cases will lend support to other cases
  • There are officials and agencies genuinely interested in pursuing criminals
  • AngelGroup has captured the ear of some of these individuals/agencies...more are welcome.
  • Combining resources and information saves time, money and energy

Working with each other, the hope of AngelGroup is that we can expedite the process; bringing these criminals to justice.  Please become a AngelGroup member and let's bring light back to paradise.

Join Us.  You are NOT alone!

How far that little candle shows his beams!  So shines a good deed in a naughty world.

~ William Shakespeare

CPS Survey

If you or someone you know has been involved with Hawaii's Department of Child Welfare Services (regardless of what island you're on), please take a survey HERE.

If you are not in Hawaii but would like to participate, take the survey here.