Children and families are Hawaii's future. Yet each year, thousands of Hawaii's families suffer from violence, abuse, and neglect. Approximately one in seven women in Hawaii has been the victim of rape at sometime in her life. 50% of all homeless women and children in Hawaii are fleeing domestic violence. In Hawaii, 50% of reports of child abuse are confirmed upon investigation and 70% of families in which women are battered, children are also harmed.

The Hawaii State Legislature has provided taxpayers with an opportunity to contribute to the prevention of child, family, and sexual violence. Here's how you can help:

Taxpayers receiving a State refund may contribute up to $10 for couples filing jointly or $5 for single taxpayers - by checking off the box on line 42C of the Hawaii Income Tax Form. This amount may seem insignificant, but it has been proven that every DOLLAR spent on prevention, saves $9 on treatment. Your contribution is a wise investment. Prevention is priceless!

By checking 42C, your contribution will provide statewide support to the Hawaii Children's Trust Fund, the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaul Special Fund, and the Spouse and Child Abuse Special Account. These funds support community-based, prevention-focused programs that educate, support, and strengthen Hawaii's families. By working together, we can take a proactive stance in preventing violence from occuring in Hawaii's communites.

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