Center for Judicial Excellence's Kathleen Russell has been invited to appear on the Dr. Phil show to speak about the growing crisis in out family courts.  She will appear alongside Katie Tagle and others. Tagle's 9-month-old child was killed by his father after three judges denied the boy protection, even after the dad threatened in writing to kill their son.

One hundred "protective" moms have RSVP'd that they'll be attending the show; some flying in from out-of-state!

Download the 6-page transcript of the Jan. 21, 2010 hearing in Garcia v. Tagle, during which the judge repeatedly accuses Katie Tagle of lying about the danger her son is in, just 10-days before he was murdered.

Read more about Katie Tagle's tragedy

To RSVP and claim your FREE admission, call either: Elaine at 323-956-3334 or Jason at 323-956-8497 this Monday between 10AM - 4PM. Be sure to tell them that you heard about the taping from CJE!

DATE OF TAPING: Wednesday, March 24
LOCATION: Provided Upon RSVP (Hollywood)
TIME: Arrive at the studio no later than 8:00AM -- taping will begin at 9:30AM and you will be free to leave by around 11:00AM.

CJE will post more information about when the show will air as soon as they've got it! Stay tuned...

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