Obama promised, "Transparency will be the touchstone of this administration", and Attorney General Eric Holder just celebrated his first anniversary of the 2009 Freedom of Information Act; however, JudicialWatch.org, who uses Open Records and freedom of information laws to investigate and uncover misconduct of corrupt public officials, states that they've "not encountered the idyllic open government". Rather, Eric Holder's office has "stonewalled" and "government secrecy has increased". This lack of transparency and blatant misuse of power could not be more obvious than in Obama's "home" state of Hawaii.

Currently, there is a chilling piece of Legislation being considered in front of Hawaii's Legislature, SB2937. It's intent is to shut down any possibility that Obama's birth certificate might be released from Hawaii's Office of the Attorney General. It portends to defend against "vexatious requesters" who have "established a pattern of conduct...and restrict" access to documents. One doesn't have to think very hard to conclude that "birthers" would be considered as the specified "nuisance", or that the continued request for Obama's birth certificate would be considered "harassment". Why the secrecy if there's nothing to hide? What about this issue is not in the public's interest? If tax-payer dollars are the concern, then put the argument to bed and open the records, right?

Where the Legislature stands remains to be seen but the ‘Old Boys Network' is strong and powerful in Hawaii. Their judiciary is considered one of the "most secretive in the nation" according to HALT.org (Help Abolish Legal Tyranny), who issued a generous D+ "Report Card" grade. Hawaii is screaming for accountability at all levels of government. Aspects of their court system border on ‘third-word', with bribes, cronyism, memo law, and terroristic-threatening being the law ‘du jour', especially in Family Court where closed door sessions frequently operate like the abolished "star courts" of oppressive, historic European kingdoms.

The Family Court's of America, with their-side kick Custody Evaluators and Child Protective Services are eroding the very soul of the family unit. Court clients who are already involved in the devastating restructure of their families via divorce and custody matters, are forced into an adversarial situation where laws are ignored, evidence is ignored, and judicial discretion is abused without apology, remorse or punishment. Family Courts of America have become a cash cow; keeping greenbacks floating upward to the elite. Proof in point is the brand new courthouse on Oahu.

In Hawaii, in cases of Domestic Violence, there is an alarming pattern that is not uncommon to Family Courts Nationwide. This quieted epidemic of tragedies begins with the Judge dissolving the Restraining Order, then removing the child(ren) from the care of the "protective parent", then denying that parent any Discovery, then removing all assets until the survivor of Domestic Violence is forced on to state-aid, in order to survive. It rarely matters if the "abusive parent" is drug-addicted, has a history of physical abuse, or if the child(ren) allege abuse. Children and assets go to the highest bidder, whether that be monetary or political connections. Mainstream media believes these stories are "too common" to report, unless of course there is something that cannot be ignored... such as the murder of Katie Tagle's baby.

Katie Tagle went before THREE judges with evidence that the father of her child was planning to kill the baby. She had print-outs of the father's premeditated, murderous intentions from his Facebook page. The third judge called Katie a "liar" multiple times, ignoring evidence and taking no measure to protect the child. Of course, now that the child is dead, the judge is very sorry. Too little, too late.

These same biased accusations are applied liberally in Hawaii's courts as well. If Obama is committed to true accountability, why doesn't he make an example of his "home" state where they are doing their best to protect him? Most likely the answer lies in the obvious conclusion that Hawaii's Attorney General, Mark Bennett, and key members of the Judiciary, would be exposed. It's not a far cry to take it one step further and surmise that Hawaii may never see transparency while the top law enforcement for the state holds a secret paper over the head of the President.

Advocacy organizations like AngelGroup along with other individuals and agencies who are attempting to achieve simple justice via Due Process, remain in an uphill struggle against seemingly insurmountable odds. A few key legislators have taken it upon themselves to force some sunshine into the dark recesses of Hawaii's Judiciary. Senator Gabbard, after first seeking polite correction with Chief Justice Moon, drafted a resolution calling for an audit of Hawaii's Family Courts.

Chief Justice Moon was too busy moving into his new courthouse to address the fact that his judges are giving children to abusers, not allowing Discovery, imprisoning women while illegally transfering their assets in closed door meetings, enforcing gag and vexatious litigant orders against whistleblowers, and committing glaring violations of Judicial Canons and basic laws. Representatives Mizuno, Ward and Theilin, along with Senator Gabbard, have committed themselves to addressing the literal tears of Hawaii's children and court clients by initiating an investigation as to whether laws are being applied in the courtroom. No doubt TPTB will attempt some blocking of the bill as it approaches the Senate but it's beyond time to put a stop to the re-victimization of Domestic Violence victims in Hawaii's Family Courts. This step towards accountability is 100% possible and is evidenced by the recent authorization for an audit of Marin and Sacramento County Family Courts.

Where is that promised transparency? Hawaii has a great opportunity to be an example for the rest of the country. Maybe Mr. Obama could step forward and show a bit of humanity in his "home" state, by demanding accountability with the most simple things, like a parent's love for a child; a love that is ripped apart in a million pieces by unapologetic public corruption that is allowed to continue...just because no one is brave enough to release a birth certificate.

The full transcript of Katie Tagle's court hearing is available at Center for Judicial Excellence.

Updates on legislation and ways to support Hawaii's Family Court Audit Proposal can be found at AngelGroup (http://www.angelgroup.org), or by writing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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