California state lawmakers made a line item veto cutting domestic violence funding last year. The impact felt through shelters and service organizations was felt almost immediately. "When state funding was eliminated last year, six domestic violence shelters were forced to close in the first six weeks," said CPEDV Executive Director Tara Shabazz. "We know that shelter services save lives. Now is the time for our lawmakers to stand together with us for the safety of California families."

Members of the Mary Kay independent sales force and the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence joined forces to educate policy makers about the need for services in our communities. The joining of forces is part of the annual CPEDV Legislative Action Day on March 23, 2010 in Sacramento. Together they will ask policy makers to commit to the safety of victims and to demonstrate leadership through ongoing support of domestic violence shelters and services.

Mary Kay performed a survey, 'Mary Kay's Truth about Abuse' and found that three out of four domestic violence shelters report an increase in women seeking assistance from abuse since a downturn in the economy. The National Domestic Violence Hotline shows that there was an 18% increase in domestic violence from 2007 to 2008 due, in part, to the decline.

Mary Kay has an ongoing commitment to lobbying for good. Beginning in the 1980s, Mary Kay Inc. lobbied state and national lawmakers advocating insurance coverage for mammograms and over the last 15 years lobbied for the federal Violence Against Women Act, its reauthorization and subsequent appropriations.

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