Judge Darell Russell
BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. -- Advocates for victims of domestic violence filed a formal complaint against a Baltimore County judge on Thursday.

It's the latest fallout from Judge Darrell Russell's decision to marry a suspected abuser to his alleged victim.

Russell is currently on reassignment because of the case, but the complaint seeks stronger sanctions.

The House of Ruth and the Women's Law Center filed the complaint about Russell with the Judicial Disabilities Commission, claiming the judge's conduct shows bias against alleged victims.

"This rises to the level of being very, very serious. This is a scary thought, that when somebody comes into court the judge shows this kind of bias," said Dorothy Lennig of the House of Ruth.

Russell was to hear the case of a man accused of beating his fiancée in Essex district court two weeks ago.

Instead, he went along with the suspect's plan to avoid prosecution by marrying the alleged victim so she couldn't be forced to testify, I-Team lead investigative reporter Jayne Miller reported.

Russell performed the ceremony the same day.

Investigations by the Judicial Disabilities Commission can lead to the disciplining of judges.

The reassignment of Russell to work that does not include hearing cases was made by the chief judge of the district court.

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