With special guests:  "Rick"

Today we play part 1 of an in-depth 2 part interview with a father who has been jailed several times for such dangerous crimes as sending a birthday card to his daughter and for daring to watch his son play school sport.

Rick, not his real name for legal reasons, joins us to tell us his story in the hope it will alert people, as to how easy it is to spiral into an impossible situation which severely punishes you for daring to attempt to remain in your children's lives.

This fathers' plight clearly exemplifies everything that is wrong with the worldwide family justice system, now a multi billion dollar industry of which the symbolic head is the Family Court.

We sincerely hope that this father's experience is another wake-up call to all those mothers and fathers who think this could never happen to them.

We hope everyone seriously re-assess their perceived legal rights as a parent, because the truth is you have none. I repeat Parents do not have legal parenting rights.

Unfortunately the mistaken believe in these perceived rights, cause many parents to seek justice in a family justice system which does not offer due process of law and is more interested in serving the economic well-being of thousands of meddling bureaucrats. A corrupt system that has now grown into a multi billion dollar worldwide industry.

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It is a dark time in our history when we are indifferent to the plight of 700,000 of the nations' children, who have been forcibly torn from half of their biological family.

It is a dark time when we see nothing wrong with jailing those parents who dare to want to love and protect their children from harm and remain an important part of their lives.

Today we present Part 2 of the interview with 'Rick', a dad who has found himself in jail several times as punishment for trying to remain in contact with his children.

Our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, speaks proudly of the virtue of transparency and for the need of openness in discussions about what is best for Australia's inhabitants. However the transparency he speaks about is very very limited, we cannot even reveal the identity of 'Rick' in case it reveals all those involved in his case, which of cause is rolled out as protecting the "Best Interest Of The Children".

Even blind Freddy knows, what it really means is that on no account must the identity of the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity be revealed, like all those engaged in the removal of our children from their biological families. This multi-billion dollar family justice industry which forcibly removes our children from our care and protection is protected by the ignorance and indifference of our legislators who show not a shred of interest in the plight of 700,000 of our children.

The forcible removal of children from loving parents are barbaric crimes against humanity by whatever form of measurement you use, to think these appalling crimes have been allowed to flourish under successive governments for the past 35 years is even more frightening. It happens because of community apathy and indifference and our blindness to realize how easy it can happen to anyone who has children of their own.

Removing aboriginal children from their families was also once legally possible and morally condoned by our community as was slavery, however this didn't make it right!

The stolen generation numbered around 50,000 aboriginal children and their removal wreaked havoc on the fabric of indigenous society. We currently have a stolen generation numbering 700,000 children in our community and not a whisper of concern from Canberra.

Our politicians from the Prime Minister down have been informed of these statistics and those that troubled themselves to answer the call, advised they had forwarded the information onto another department as it was not part of their portfolio.

Even the Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland, who is responsible for the administration of Family law, tried to pass these statistics off as belonging to the responsibilities of the minister for home affairs. Not one member of parliament from either side of politics, showed any concern for the welfare of these children or the despair of their dispossessed parents.

These are crimes against humanity, therefore if we want to be seriously viewed by the world as a caring society, then we still have a very long way to go.

Unless you have made a pre-emptive first strike or have a million dollars to spare, the Family Court will do nothing for you except sever your relationship with your children and confiscate your family wealth, thereby stealing your kids' inheritance. It is a social engineering Hell Hole to be avoided at all cost.

Ask anyone who has been there, they will all tell you the end result will leave you emotionally and economically destitute. The stealing of children is a crime against humanity and fighting this crime in the family courts will only make your situation impossible. If you decide to go this way and persist in seeking equality, justice and your human rights, it will cause you to spiral into the devastating situation this dad finds himself in.

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