dickson_brendaIn January 2010, Senator Gabbard, Representative Ward and Representative Mizuno called a Legislative briefing and Brenda Dickson gathered together some press to 'get the word out' about the illegal behavior of a few renegade judges in Hawaii's Family Courts. 

Mothers came to the Capitol and gave testimony.  This resulted in HCR 81 and SCR 91 being introduced to the Legislature, as drafted by Senator Gabbard.

Brenda has taken time to edit together 5 video segments that outline the abuses in her case, as well as emotional testimony from a few mothers who were brave enough to speak in front of the Representatives.  These mothers have been victim to judicial retaliation since voicing their concern to the Legislators.  Thank you to Brenda for continuing to fight on behalf of her own case, as well as those who are in the trenches alongside her.  Judicial corruption in Hawaii must be stopped.

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