Suing for $50K

Chicago - A Cook County woman filed a lawsuit Friday seeking $50,000 from her husband, who she claims gave her herpes.

The unnamed plaintiff claims that she never suffered from herpes prior to her relationship with the man, whom she married in 1997, but tested positive for the virus in May 2009.

The unnamed man, who denied having herpes until May 2009, “knew, or should have known, that he was infected with herpes,” and had a duty to either notify his wife or abstain from sexual activity, according to the suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

The suit alleges that the defendant engaged in “unprotected intimate relations” with his wife knowing he had the virus but “failed to take precautionary measure” to avoid infecting her.

The two-count suit seeks judgment against the man for negligence and willful and wanton conduct.

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