BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Neighbors say they've never seen police called to a home on Pamela Drive. But early Monday morning, Baton Rouge Police arrested the man who lives there for allegedly murdering his wife. Some say it sounds like domestic violence.

There are no criminal records showing Timothy Bazile, 41, had a history of domestic violence. But just after midnight, he and wife, Kendra Bazile, 39, reportedly had a fight that led to gunshots. A neighbor says the couple's son ran to his house, saying his dad had shot his mom.

"When there's a murder, something has been going on for a long, long time," said Martha Forbes, Executive Director of the Battered Women's Program Capital Area Family Violence Intervention Center, Inc. She says whatever happened in the Bazile home sounds like it may have been an ongoing problem. "We know that 75% of all murders occur at or after the victim has decided to leave the situation."

Forbes says after hearing about the murder, one woman at the center told her, "that could have been me." She says domestic violence is usually a pattern of behavior from a partner, who exercises control over the other, leading to physical or sexual abuse. And unfortunately, sometimes leads to murder, Forbes said. She believes to better help the victims, procedures need to be examined. "What happens when 911 is called? What happens to the perpetrator? What happens for the victim?"

It's not always violence against women. Just last week, Livingston deputies arrested Rebecca Dedon for killing her husband. Deputies say Dedon warned her husband if he hit her again, she was going to shoot him.

Forbes says women may sometimes take matters into their own hands and use illegal means to fix their situation, which leads to a statistic she says she is still trying to figure out. Forbes says men convicted of a domestic murder usually get an average of six years. But women, on the other hand, average 15 years in prison.

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