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Governor Lingle nomintaes Katherine Leonard as Intermediate Court of Appeals Judge - Nov. 2007

What kind of opinions might we expect of of Hawaii Supreme Court Justice nominee Katherine Leonard? - July 2010

Historic Pick: Katherine Leonard is poised to become Hawaii's first female chief justice - July 2010

How to Evaluate the Leonard Nomination - July 2010

Katherine Leonard nominated Chief Justice of Supreme Court - July 2010

Eleven Opinions: Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee Katherine Leonard - July 2010

Katherine Leonard: Separating the temperament from the noise - July 2010

Lawyers group backs Leonard - July 2010

Judgepedia listing

Attorney objects to Lingle appointee for Chief Justice - July 2010

Reason I Nominated Judge Kate Leonard for Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Position - July 2010

Judicial nominee rated as 'qualified' - November 2007

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