Woman allegedly contracted to kill doctor's ex-girlfriend testifies

A woman who says her doctor tried to hire her to kill his ex-girlfriend took the stand Tuesday.

The witness told the court she thought at first it was a joke but that the doctor persisted, so she notified the alleged target -- his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son who he wanted custody of.

Dr. Dennis Ayon entered District Court, his ankles shackled, giving shakas to patients and friends looking on.

The Wahiawa internal medicine doctor has pled not guilty to criminal solicitation to commit murder.

The woman who says she was asked to do the job took the stand. She alleges it all started with a visit to his clinic 10 days ago.

"He was mad and he said he wanted her dead," said Linda Moore, the woman that alleges Ayon asked her to kill his ex-girlfriend.

She says he told her she'd be rewarded but didn't specify how.

"And that I could go over and get away with it because she wouldn't know who I am," said Moore. "If I didn't do it that he knew a lot of people that could do it, that could bash her f*** head in."

She says he told her where to find the ex-girlfriend.

"He pulled out a post-it and he wrote down her address, her phone number and apartment number," said Moore. "I just took it to appease him. My intention was never to go over and hurt her."

She said he invited her and a friend to his home that night. After dinner she says the topic came up again.

"He showed me this bow and arrow that he got and he was gonna fill her up full of arrows and I told him stop talking like that, and then he told me about these guns he had but he never showed me a gun," said Moore.

Last week Ayon's neighbors showed KHON2 video allegedly of Dr. Ayon shooting a bow and arrow at night in the neighborhood.

The day after the dinner, the patient contacted the ex-girlfriend to warn her.

"I explained what had happened and she let out an ahh like that and I said calm down, i'm not going to hurt you, I don't have a problem, I just want to warn you and let you know to be careful," said Moore.

They met the following day at Aloha Tower to show her the post-it note she says Dr. Ayon gave her. Police were called, the doctor was arrested that day.

Dr. Ayon remains in custody on $1 million bail.

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