Huffington Post: Media bias, censorship, and an ignorant decision to let opportunist psychologist Richard Warshak push his quack agendas

Richard Warshak is consistent. His program silences women and children who allege abuse, and his deletion of critical comments and research at Huffington Post is more of the same. The Huffington Post, in an effort to create filler without regard to quality, and to beef up its new divorce section, has given "parental alienation" promoter Richard Warshak a blogger platform.

To the lay public and media, the term "parental alienation" has an unfortunate intuitive-seeming expansive and flexible meaning. But in the courts, it is a term of art, a make-believe psychological dynamic. It is used as a legal strategy to divert blame away from a marginal, dysfunctional or abusive parent, and put blame onto a parent against whom no wrongdoing otherwise can be alleged as the reason the children prefer the better parent, and dislike, fear, or resent the "alienated" parent.

Claims of parental alienation, and the "expert" witnesses for hire who support these claims, are used to discredit women's and children's allegations of abuse. It is lucrative for the opining psychs, as well as those who promote "treatments". (Note: the machinations and manipulations of abusers are not "parental alienation syndrome" or "parental alienation disorder", but domestic violence by proxy).

Elizabeth Black: "It's frustrating that the supposedly progressive HuffPost has given a platform to Dr. Richard Warshak, one of parental alienation's most fervent supporters, but won't give the same platform to its commenters."

RHRealityCheck: "The domestic violence community, along with many major medical and psychological associations, and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, rejects PA as a legitimate diagnosis. At least eight of us, representing domestic violence advocates and survivors, tried to post comments on Warshak's article explaining our position. While a few posts remained, most, in our supposition, were deleted because they disagreed with the author. One advocate was banned. Apparently, this is not the first time people have complained about the comment section of the Huffington Post..."

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