"Dangerous Claudine" after ex-husband Hal Richardson raped and beat her in 2000.
Domestic Abuse Survivor is considered "dangerous" and loses everything in Family Court... but her life.

Claudine, a survivor of Family Violence in Topeka, lost custody of her daughter to the abusive ex-husband, Hal Richardson.  She is under a gag order and has suffered judicial retaliation, as well as abusive and retaliatory behavior from Guardian ad Litem (GAL), Jill Dykes.  Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, yes.

For those who believe the courts would never give a child to a violent parent, or create a false story around a whistle-blowing protective parent, take a look at the pictures in the rest of this article. (Click Read More)

Judge David Debenham and GAL Jill Dykes should be charged, prosecuted and jailed for endangerment, abuse, and psychological abuse of a child.  And...Why is the criminal abuser still walking the streets?  "Family Court" is the answer.



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1994 - Claudine and her newly born baby girl, Rikki. Note the black eye


Claudine" after ex-husband Hal Richardson beat her with a crowbar in 1996



2003 - Ex-husband Hal Richardson hired someone to assault Claudine .


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