The National Safe Child Coalition march on Washington DC, including the Department of Justice and the US Senate, asking for an investigation into the problems of the family courts of the united states. Many of these courts are denying children their basic rights to protections from abuse and neglect, and cutting off the children from the parent who raises those concerns. 58,000 children each year are handed over to an abusing parent each year by these courts, like the family court of Arlington Virginia -- at US Federal Taxpayer expense. The group also pointed out that the US is the last holdout of all countries to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child -- which gives children rights so they won't be treated as personal property. A GAO audit on the use of federal funds, and a Senate hearing to air these issues is also being considered. More action is expected as child protection will become major election issue for many Senators and Congressmembers in the coming year. See more at: One Nation Working Together

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