As the courtoom videos below shockingly demonstrate, family court judges are now seizing the children of couples engaged in divorce proceedings.

The mother of a Kentucky woman involved in a divorce details on a YouTube page the arbitrary and viciously punitive measure taken by a judge. Her children were not in danger and taken "with no dependency action, no warrant, no affidavit and outside of the Judge's jurisdiction. We have court documents, court video and voice recordings that show the law was ignored and my daughters constitutional rights have been grossly violated," she writes.

"It has been over two months since the children were taken and there has been no hearing as the law requires," she continues. "This is because they already ignored the law when they took the children, so why have a hearing? We are awaiting a decision by the Kentucky Court of Appeals on a writ that my daughter filed. This should scare the hell out of parents everywhere."

Family Courts started as eugenics courts that were used to sterilize parents deemed unsuitable to have children by the state, a practice that was not curtailed until the late 70′s.

Children are five times more likely to die from physical abuse and eleven times more likely to be sexually abused under state "child protection" care.

As Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and others have documented, state CPS units grab children and treat them as commodities to be sold. "The CPS steals children using the system paid for by citizens who believe it is being used to protect those in need. That is a fraud," Pillsbury-Foster writes, "the system actually pumps money into the personal accounts of all those involved in the system, converting children into cash while destroying them and their families. The number of children who emerge from the system, able to function normally, are near zero. Some are never seen again."



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