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Jill Jones- Soderman and The Famiy Resolution Center Launches Research Project Concerning Parental Alienation And International Child Abduction
Chester, New York (PRWEB) November 19, 2011

The Family Resolution Center, LLC (Center) and The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts (Foundation) have announced the launch of a joint research project concerning the parental alienation and child abuse as it is related to international parental child abduction.

According to Jill Jones-Soderman, The Family Resolution Center (Center) and The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts (Foundation) will be joining forces to provide therapeutic advocacy, mediation, family therapy, intensive evaluation services to parents and children. These organizations will join forces with other credible resources to provide a safety network to provide services on an ongoing basis for families and children in crisis.
Crises may stem from high conflict interaction in the home including child abuse and neglect, domestic violence and the threat of child abduction, or even protection of the child from the abuse of the parent protesting "failure to enforce parental rights" to the child. In addition, the Foundation and Center will jointly participate in a new study on the effects of international parental child abduction of children and their targeted parents.

Parental child abduction is often the last step in a crisis that has been building or is apparent as a possible tactic when one parent is either an extreme alienator or an extreme abuser, insistent on having their" own way" with the child and the parent whom is seen as an interference.

Child abduction can be a tool of parental alienation as well as a sadistic attack on the parent meant to be thwarted. It can also be an attempt at rescuing a child at especially grave risk where the authorities have made incorrect decisions. Risk and diagnostic assessment are critical especially when the span of geographical territory that can easily be traversed requires hands across the country to communicate, act, support the necessary tactics to be implemented.

Family therapy and evaluation services are meant to prevent crimes and abuse against children that result in court intervention.

Jill Jones-Soderman, Executive Director of the two Foundations noted has a career that spans nearly 40 years as a therapist, forensic advocate in court analysis and case navigation. She states that "the family courts across the country often attempt to promote fairness and parenting equality without having the refined tools of analytic evaluation or time to experience more than a snapshot view of family interaction, orchestrated by attorneys and other court actors. Too often children are placed from the hands of the protective parent into the hands of the abuser because of a lack of in depth understanding of character pathology, serious mental disorders and the dynamics which defines parental alienation or the little discussed phenomenon of the child alienator."

Dr. Monty N. Weinstein of the Family therapy Center of New York and Georgia and the Director of the National Parents Rights Association commented on Jones-Soderman, "Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman has been a friend and colleague for a number of years. I consider her to be one of the most brilliant analysts and court forensic strategists I have ever known. She has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the confidentiality of her patients and an ability to stand up for client's rights under the most egregious court situations; a loyal friend and ally, fierce adversary, she is a force with which to contend."

Jones-Soderman states, "It takes considerable time and skill to tease out who really has the best interest of the child at heart. When one parent is willing to subject children to repeated police enforced visitation, disruption of home life, school, friendships, extra curricular activities to enforce their rights, where a child repeatedly resists visitation, jumping to the conclusion that the child has been influenced,or brain washed appears simplistic and banal. These issues are extremely complex and subject to sensitive scrutiny and individualized understanding and detailed explanation. Domestic violence, physical, emotional, sexual abuse of children is often not recognized by the courts as anything but the unrelenting false claims of a disgruntled parent. Credibility is established by the view held by the judge of the client's lawyer and representation of the client. or by the words of the court appointed evaluator, who may have their own agenda - namely to please the court and keep the referrals coming."

The Foundation and Center concentrate in part in cases that include in which parents in court recognize what a destructive process in which they are both engaged and are subjecting their children to and decide to stop the ravages, dismiss the case and proceed to either therapy or a mediated divorce and long term parenting plan. Jones-Soderman commented, "Though this scenario occasionally occurs, more often than not children are treated as if they were no more than chattel; possessions of the state or of one or both parents to be parceled out like a pound of cold cuts."

Most representative of this phenomenon is the trend toward international parental abduction of children. The distinction between child abduction and a parent or child running from an abusive, destructive relationship must be carefully understood as mistakes in this area, easily made are lethal and occur far too frequently.

According to the recently released resource guide on international parental child abduciton titled 'The World Turned Upside Down' written by Carolyn Ann Vlk and Peter Thomas Senese, it is estimated that there will be over 3,000 'reported' and 'unreported' abduction cases in 2011. Confronting the issues of parental alienation and abuse associated with the threat of parental child abduction or the act of parental child abduction are priorities of both the Foundation and the Center as parental child abduction is a severe form of child abuse. International parental child abduction is a crime in under federal and every state law.

Child Advocate and author Peter Thomas Senese added, "I have known the Foundation and the Center along with its key individuals, including Jill Jones-Soderman, to be extraordinarily committed to assisting children targeted for abuse in the face of parental alienation. Ms. Jones-Soderman is a leading analyst and champion of children's rights, who acts with thoughtful and prudent determination. The Foundation and Center's work in the area of international parental child abduction re-entry is well known."

The Family Resolution Center, LLC and The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts have extensive experience in evaluating and working with parents and children in and out of courts across the country in long term treatment or ongoing mediation and parent coordinator services. Knowledge of reliable, stable resources, our partners in various aspects of work - whether it be for referrals to professionals in different parts of the country or reaching out to professionals who have specialized knowledge is an invaluable tool.

The goal of all services is to preserve confidentiality of all clients, to support

the integrity, individuality and goals of all individuals and to advocate for clients in court circumstances as necessary. Children must be seen hear, believed and protected as must be the best interests of all parties with benefits of fairness and most current knowledge and research available to guide practice.

For more information, please visit The Family Resolution Center or The Foundation For The Child Victims Of The Family Court.

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