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Kentucky's Family Court Judges, practices, and procedures, as well as the child welfare system are coming under scrutiny.  However, the scrutiny is not just at home, but now nationwide.  Here are links to blogs outside of the Commonwealth which do not put our system in the best light.  Whether the result is correct or not, I rest with you.  However, sometimes you must see yourself in the eyes of others to more fully put it in perspective.


From an interested reader, I share with you the following:

This Kentucky case has made two national blogs.

and another,

Watch and listen to all the videos at You Tube,  but more importantly read the Writ before the Court of Appeals documents.  There are located here.

You will note that the non-lawyers involved in these processes are taking matters into their own hands and shedding light on a process that rarely is seen by others.

Click here for links to the documents in this proceeding filed by the grandmother involved:

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