Children exposed to family violence show the same pattern of activity in their brains as soldiers exposed to combat, scientists said on Monday.

In a study in the journal Current Biology, researchers used brain scans to explore the impact of physical abuse or domestic violence on children's emotional development and found that exposure to it was linked to increased activity in two brain areas when children were shown pictures of angry faces.

Previous studies that scanned the brains of soldiers exposed to violent combat situations showed the same pattern of heightened activity in these two brain areas -- the anterior insula and the amygdala -- which experts say are associated with detecting potential threats.

This suggests that both maltreated children and soldiers may have adapted to become "hyper-aware" of danger in their environment, the researchers said.
BarbaraFarrisThe following summaries are a few selected samples of real California Family Law cases (catogorized by county), in which children are taken away from safe parents, and forced to live with abusive parents. Is this because the abuser is offered money to film his sexual abuse against the child so the judicial system gets a kick back. All involved would be local police, judges, children services, attorneys and even medical examinars.

You decide after reading the following, is 8 billion a year worth this type of corruption.
Child abuse is rising in the country and the state. Each county has its own procedures for investigating child abuse cases, including El Paso County. File Photo
Child abuse in the nation is growing at an alarming rate and the death of children due to abuse is climbing as well.

In July a congressional hearing took place in Washington D.C. regarding child deaths due to maltreatment. Experts testified why these types of deaths went undercounted. It was found that in at least three states deaths from child abuse were undercounted by 55 to 76 percent.

According to there was an estimated 1,770 child deaths resulting from abuse in the United States in 2009. During the hearing experts concluded that the number was likely closer to 2,500.

The banner headline in blue and white at the top of today’s Star-Advertiser front page seemed to tell the story: “Governor releases the names of judicial candidates.”

I hoped it meant that Gov. Abercrombie had gracefully eaten a bit of that crow he talks about, acknowledged the court order favoring disclosure in the sunshine lawsuit brought by the newspaper, and moved on with the least political damage.

Instead, just behind the headline, it was clear Neil chose to be recalcitrant and pissy to the end.