Dave and Sheila Zilinski will be discussing among other current events, the case of Monika Wesolowski in which the Virginia CPS abducted this mother's 5 year old boy without any probable cause and placed the boy in a home with 2 foster fathers. The boy is not receiving his usual religious instruction (Catholic) nor, is he receiving his mandated occupational therapy as mandated in his treatment plan because the boy is also autistic.

The Assistant County Attorney, M. Chris Sigler, of Fairfax County, Virginia, is attempting to get Monika to take a psychological evaluation for the second time, because he did not get the insanity results he was looking for the first time she took the exam in which the psychologist concluded the boy should be returned to his mother. The mother also alleges sexual abuse of her son Dylan since he has been removed from her custody.

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JULY 12, 2014 PART 1 8AM TO 12PM
JULY 19, 2014 PART 2 8AM TO 12PM


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When will California discontinue its established pattern of enabling child abusers and abandoning the children?

The child sexual abuse case of Lexi Dillon has brought to the forefront what many citizens of California have known for decades. That the counties and the state have often neglected their duty to protect those children who have been proven to be at great risk. Why California stands out for such an objectionable distinction must be closely examined if the state intends to reverse their unseemly reputation.

The abuse case of Lexi Dillon is just one of many that has been railroaded through the courts to the exclusion of any sense of justice or pursuit of truth. As one looks deeply into the facts surrounding the circumstances by which an abused child was removed from her mother and placed with the offending father, it simply defies common sense. Which can only lead one to believe that there is something much bigger going on in the background.

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The information gathered will be used to help those who are working to prevent situations like Sheri's from happening and for positive change in Hawaii's child protection system. (Sure wish they had one of these for judges that actually was taken seriously).

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