AngelGroup has been fortunate to find a few people with integrity at the Office of the Attorney General.  One of these people is Chris Young.  While we don't have intimate contact with him, we DO know that complaints submitted to him were actually passed on to investigators, intead of hitting the shredder.

If you have a complaint that is appropriate to submit to the Attorney General's office, please remember to be concise.  We recommend the following:

  • A short cover letter that outlines your complaint(s).
  • If you have multiple and lengthy complaints, submit a separate cover letter for each complaint.
  • Put your name, address, phone and email at the top of the page (centered). 
  • Include the date
  • Make a notation of what this letter is regarding (Example:  RE: Fraud)
AngelGroup will be providing a sample letter to guide you very soon.

Additionally, please provide substantiation for your claims.  What this means is that if you claim someone forged your name, provide a copy of the document showing this.  If you're stating someone commited perjury, please provide the page from the transcript or, in the least, reference the hearing date and case number.  Basically, back up every claim with a piece of paper if you can.  If you have a witness, provide their contact information or better yet, include their contact information along with a written statement.  This will help the investigator do their job more quickly. A bullet list is highly recommended.  Please refrain from being too emotional.  They are interested in the facts.

If you'd like to contact the Office of the Attorney General, write to:
Chris Young
State of Hawaii – Department of the Attorney General
333 Queen Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, HI.  96813

After you've submitted your information, give them a few days and then call to confirm receipt.

Please be patient.  They need to look at the details of your case and should they find wrong doing, they will be in contact with you.  While you're waiting, you CAN submit an Addendum thoughWink This is to be done in the same format as above; your contact information, what this is regarding (use same words for easy reference on their side), substantiation for your claims, etc.  You can submit as many addendums, for as many charges as you want.  Main thing is to be concise and fact based, providing proof of your assertions.  If they find your claims are valid, they will assign an investigator to your case and that person will work with you to understand the situation and then write a report which will go in front of a prosecutor.  The prosecutor will determine if there's enough information to convict and if so, they will charge.