David & Goliath:
Remember the underdog prevailed in the end.
Remember also that he took direct action.

rally maui 2When one goes to court, there is the presumption that 'justice will be done'. One assumes that the judge will listen to both sides, look objectively at the evidence, and that the outcome will be fair. Sure there are compromised, corrupt or cynical individuals everywhere but one expects the highest standards from the courts. Beyond expectation, in divorce and custody cases, one prays for highest standards.

Since 2007, disturbing rulings have appeared in Family Court under Judge Keith E. Tanaka. Custody of children has been given to abusive parents; Family Court Rules have been bent beyond recognition; Court clients have been disallowed documents to defend themselves; Vexatious Litigant orders are issued against pro se litigants (court client is not allowed to file a document unless approved by the judge) – and extended to include all judisdictions (all other courts); Emergency orders are issued without allowing hearing on the matter and without any evidence to support the allegation; Evidence has been ignored to favor of one side; Real property is given to one side but the other side is forced to keep the debt (like the mortgage); and Court officers and witnesses who've been caught lying are not held accountable. Attorneys have left Tanaka's courtroom muttering, "that's illegal" under their breath.

bad family court judge - fox newsLast week Fox News' Gina Silva ran a story on Family Court corruption and the illegal snatching of children by judges who do not follow the law.  Very brave to touch a story that most in the main stream media (and 'independent" news) will not touch with a 20 foot pole.  The story was called "Bad Behavior Behind The Bench" and it contained video footage proof of a judge breaking the law.

Surprise Surprise...the video is now UNavailable.  If the main stream media and the news "professionals" can't gather enough courage to tell the truth, who is going to stand up for these children and victimized court clients.

Angels, you might the following very interesting.  The writing is a bit antiquated but very readable.  In essence, judges are allowed to remain on the bench during "good behavior".   If they stray from that (whether appointed or elected) it is the responsibility of the People (You) to hold them accountable and ask for correction and removal.  See the highlighted sections...

Angels, the testimony below was submitted on your behalf regarding Family Court abuses and renegade judges.  If you have not submitted your testimony to Representative John Mizuno, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

February 07, 2011

RE: Feb. 7 Legislative Briefing re: Domestic Violence, renegade judges, disregard for statutory law, investigations – Chaired by Rep. John Mizuno

Aloha Legislators Committee members,

Thank you for your continuing and needed attention to these matters of great concern.

angelgroup_radio_carroll_coxBe Strong.  Be a truth-teller.

A series of radio shows will be showing up at a radio station near you.  It will be focused on the abuses in Family Court. The stars of the show are YOU!

Power keeps the people down...silent...small...weak.  It's the only way it can remain powerful.  Empowerment though, gives strength to the individual and the community.  Claim it. Own it. Victory is possible if we stand together.

Refuse to be be silenced.  Take your story public.  You can remain anonymous if you want but if you want to "tell all" that is welcomed. 

Interested?  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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