Dear Senators.

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support of SCR91.

At this point you have no idea what hope you've given to survivors of Domestic Violence who are struggling against Hawaii's broken Family Court system. Rest assured though, you have lit an enormous bonfire in a very dark place and for this we are extremely grateful.

SCR91's investigation will reveal much more than its intended target. You spend days, months and years crafting and passing laws to protect DV survivors and innocent children. The fact that these laws are being blatantly disregarded with quite the opposite effect is going to be an eye opener.

You will see firsthand how Family Court clients have suffered needlessly and why their credible, consistent cries have not gone away. They are fighting literally for their lives, and the lives of their children. We are thrilled that you have given SCR91 due weight to address these travesties of justice.

After the results of SCR91 are "officially" noted, we respectfully request that correction be applied. We're open to the form that takes but too often, the "examples" that courageously raised their voices, and suffered the consequences of their public testimony, etc. are relegated to martyr status. While their ultimate goal is affecting a greater change for everyone, it cannot be denied that their personal cases warrant immediate redress.

Most have been financially and emotionally ravaged. They have no resources to seek correction. They have been victimized by the very structures, agencies and individuals put in place to protect them. The majority care little to nothing about their material possessions anymore; however, this same statement cannot be applied when it relates to their children.

The children must be protected. It is way past time when Child Welfare Services or Department of Human Services should have stepped in. Even those phone calls, letters, faxes and emails have been disregarded. The survivors and children must KNOW they've been heard! Someone must take action to correct the wrongs committed against them!

The bottom line fact, as per law, is that it's NOT in the best interest of children to remain in the custody of their abusers, or the abusers of their protective parent. The protective parent must be vindicated, and the children returned to safety. By taking this action you will save a whole generation of children from mental, physical and sexual abuse. The effects that this will have on the future of Hawaii will be measurable in the turning of the tide for reduced numbers of violent households, drug use, continued generational abuse, plus dependence on state financial resources. Healthy children and parents yield a healthy society.

We thank you for your courage in doing the right thing and unanimously passing SCR91.

Standing with you,

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