Angels:  The following is AngelGroup's comment posted on Dr. Phil's website, on your behalf, in response to today's show...Be encouraged.

The broken family court system is a nationwide crisis of epidemic proportion.

National media has been silenced or caught up in the apathetic and unwarranted "he-said, she-said" excuse...they look no further...until now.  Thank you Dr. Phil for covering this issue.  We look forward to continued coverage to bring about change in the system.  You have now joined in to a fight worth fighting...for the children.

As an advocate for families in Hawaii, Obama's "home" state, we've  heard so many horrific stories that would make your jaw drop.  At first they seem too far afield  to be remotely true.  The sad fact is that they are true and the abuse comes not only at the hands of the abusive parent, but by the judiciary; corruption and fraud under Color of Law.  The only thing that separates the abusive parent from a renegade judge is a black robe.

In Hawaii, the corruption and cronyism is rampant.  Some judges, the Chief Justice, the Guardian ad Litems, Child Welfare Services, Department of Human Services...even the Attorney General go OUT OF THEIR WAY to give children back to abusers. Even Child Welfare Servcies testified about a month ago that if the abusive parent has more money (even if they are drug users, pedophiles, violent), it is in the "best interest" of the Child(ren) to be with the abusive parent.  This is illegal.

Whistleblowers are punished with "Gag" orders and 'Vexatious Litigant" orders.  All the agencies put in place to protect, turn against a parent who speaks out against a judge.  This also applies to attorneys who know the judges are corrupt, so they hold back on application of law in order to feed their families.  Few go the distance to protect their client when the judge has pre-determined the outcome of the case.

In cases of Domestic Violence is is even worse because the judge's ruling endangers the DV survivor, the children are given to the abuser, and this is used to control the protective parent.  The survivor of Domestic Abuse is re-victimized via the Family Court.  Most of these victims are then driven on to state aid in order to survive.

In gratitude I mention that a few courageous legislators have stepped forward this year in defense of the defenseless...the children.  Senator Mike Gabbard drafted a Resolution calling for an Audit of Hawaii's Family Court.  This has been modified to a Senate Investigation.  It is still not "officially" passed but it's moving forward and is now under the watchful eye of Representative John Mizuno.  

This week, after passing off the Senate floor last Friday, S.C.R.91 was referred to FOUR COMMITTEES that need to hear the bill before Monday.  This quadruple referral is unprecedented in recent history.  For those of you not familiar with Legislative processes, this is not a good thing.  We have heavy opposition and surprisingly (not), it appears that it's originating from the Judiciary.  The judiciary's "public" face states "no opposition"; however, the underground rumor mill is telling quite another story.  The judiciary does not want this investigation to go through.  Their renegade judges will be seen to be: Ignoring laws, ignoring evidence, legislating from the bench, guilty of cronyism, fraud, perjury, violation of Judicial Canons, etc.  These judges are even in violation of federal laws!  Where is the accountability?

It seems that since Obama states "Transparency will be the touchstone of this administration" and since he states Hawaii is his "home" state, why would he and his administration turn a blind eye to the daily travesties affecting the families there?  It's not like he hasn't been asked.  Numerous letters have been written to the U.S. Attorney General, FBI, DOJ, etc., requesting a federal investigation into the corrupt court system in Hawaii.  There has been no response.  The answer though is obvious...

The Family Court system is extremely profitable.  The attorneys, court officers, judges, para-professionals, etc. all make a monetary killing on Family Court clients.  The government has no incentive to reduce their profits just because parents are complaining.  It's much easier to write off their complaints as "sour grapes".

Katie Tagle's tragic story clearly illustrates that there is something amiss here more than sour grapes.  Unfortunately, hers is not an isolated incident.  Fortunately, thanks to the Dr. Phil Show, the story is less "hide-able".  This, along with the effort of organizations and individuals such as Center for Judicial Excellence, Kathleen Russell, CA Senator Mark Leno, HI Senator Mike Gabbard, HI Reps. Mizuno, Ward, and Theilen, as well as Hawaii's AngelGroup...the news will get out there.

Thus far, Hawaii's major media outlets have refused support for SCR91 or even made mention of this monumental show on the crisis in family court.  Instead they are running propaganda pieces for the judiciary.  To them I say..."Shame on you!"

There comes a time that one needs to do what is right, only because it's right.  Now is the time.

I commend all the Protective Parents out there for refusing to give up.  You stand with Hawaii's Angels.  You are NOT Alone.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
~ Samuel Adams

Standing with you,


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