fineY'know, sometimes as all of you go through this experience in your Family Court cases it seems unbelievable.  You thought that when you walked in the courtroom you'd get a fair hearing, that the judge would look at your evidence, that you and your children would be protected, and that assets would be divided fairly.  Unfortunately, many of you have had quite the opposite experience.

Maybe you've wondered why your attorney doesn't fight for you, especially when the system is so corrupt and when others are going through the same provable situation.  Why don't they speak up?  Why don't they hit back when they have the law on their side?  The same could be asked of some social service organizations...

A case in point to help you understand is perfectly illustrated by circumstances surrounding Attorney Richard Fine. 

His credentials are exemplary.  He has red hot proof of judicial corruption and corruption in Los Angeles county.  When he brought this proof before Superior Court Judge David Yaffe, Yaffe tried to muscle him into paying the corrupt county officials.  When Fine refused, Sheriff LeRoy Baca tossed him into solitary confinement for Contempt of Court.  He remains there illegally after over a year.

Investigative Journalist, Leslie Dutton requested an interview with Richard Fine and was refused.  Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit on her behalf and Dutton was then granted her interview.

View all six video segments here

Read the article, Epic Corruption and the Whistle-blower, by Cassandra Anderson


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