Below is AngelGroup's testimony to the House HUS committee, for the Aprill 22, 2010 hearing, submitted on your behalf.

April 22, 2010

Testimony is STRONG Support of SCR91

Dear Legislators,

It has become overwhelmingly apparent that there is good cause and undeniable
need for SCR91's Senate investigation. It is also transparent that there is strong
covert opposition to SCR91; opposition that doesn't wish to make it's position
official but would rather pull political strings outside of the eye of public scrutiny.
This should be given due weight when casting a "Yes" vote for SCR91.

For the record, AngelGroup stands by all testimony and letters previously submitted.

Since inception of SCR91, many more victims of Domestic Violence and Family Court
have courageously stepped forward. Their bravery should be commended and duly
rewarded with SCR91's rightful passage. More Angels are waiting in the wings...

Many 'professionals' have also come forward; albeit, unofficially. They too are fearful
of the reality of judicial retaliation. When SCR91 passes, there is no doubt in my
mind that I can hand over the testimony of a few of these professionals, plus the
testimony of their clients. Two psychologists have stated they've had HUNDREDS
(150 and 250 respectively) of court clients under their care that have suffered at the
hands of renegade judges who refuse to follow the law. This must be stopped. These
survivors of Domestic Violence must not be re-terrorized and re-victimized via
Family Court. Even more importantly, their children should not be subject to
continual abuse because custody was given to the abusive parent.

I've attached an article by respected Ph.D. Jeanne King called, Domestic Violence
Divorce – How Abusers use the System to Invalidate Violence Survivors

It addresses the 'tip of the iceberg' in terms of what hundreds of Family Court clients
have suffered. The legal application of the 'rebuttable presumption', which was
intended to stop DV instead of making it another point of litigation, would eliminate
in great part, the ability of the Abuser to manipulate and control the DV Survivor
again and again via Family Court.

Thank you for your support of SCR91 and in helping us save the children who
literally cry everyday to return to the safety of their Protective Parent. You are
protecting Hawaii's future and we are grateful.


Domestic Violence Divorce - How Abusers Use the System to Invalidate Domestic Violence Survivors

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D., April 2010

Victims of domestic abuse reach out to the system for help in stopping the abuse
perpetrated upon them. This can involve both healthcare and law enforcement. Yet,
what actually happens, more often than most people know, is that these so-called
"helpers" can be used to perpetuate domestic violence "legally" during divorce.

In healthcare, it's the psychologists and psychiatrists. These healthcare providers are
frequently manipulated by abusers to aid them in establishing false claims about the
domestic abuse survivors that they batter and control.

Psychiatric Diagnosis as Batterer's Club in Domestic Violence Divorce

Almost daily, I am sought out by a domestic violence survivor seeking help from
being falsely accused of being mentally ill. In many of the cases, the mental
healthcare diagnostics appear to be grossly improper.

But that doesn't prevent a court from making determinations about the accused. In
many of these cases, the battered mothers (and abused fathers) are faced with
losing custody of and, in some cases, even the essential moments of simple human
contact with their children.

Once judicial decisions are made, remedies can be added on and on...with no regard
for the accuracy of the original foundation underlying the initial judicial decision. We
have seen domestic violence victims prevented from having unsupervised or any
access to their abused children because of a clinical psychiatric diagnosis.

The sad thing here is that those directly negatively impacted, like the protective
parent and children, are unaware of this ploy during its set-up and ultimate
execution. Often they go along with certain procedures trusting in their sanity and
hoping for justice to prevail. Then, the day comes when they awaken to the fact that
they have been re-victimized by their abuser's manipulation of the psychologists and

Psychiatric Re-victimization To What End

Now you'd think that if the batterer is getting a divorce and seeking to move on with
their lives, then the victim's declared mental health status would be of no interest to
him/her. Wrong...completely wrong!

By establishing for "the record" that the domestic violence survivor is "crazy," the
abuser leverages their ability to regain and maintain control over the family...and
most importantly, control over themselves, or at least control over their public
image. Many people will tell you that the legal psychiatrics of a case are nothing
more than to save face for the batterer.

The abuser seeks to walk away looking good and certainly not being an abuser. To
this end, they must make the victim to be "bad"..."wrong"..."crazy." Essentially, the
abuser enlists (directly or indirectly) the healthcare provider to discredit the victim in
order to invalidate who she/he is and what she/he stands for with respect to being a
domestic abuse survivor.

If you are a domestic violence survivor and have been threatened with losing
custody of your children and the credibility of you mental health status, seek to
understand how batterers manipulate healthcare providers to establish false claims.
And as you learn about the reality of what's before you, find a credible professional
to help you prevent this life-changing destructive legal psychiatric ploy. The sooner
you become proactive in preventing the establishment of false claims, the easier you
can prevent them from defining your life and limiting your liberties.

Biography of Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Dr. King serves as a consulting expert in criminal and civil cases of family violence,
and offers keynotes and training for government and healthcare organizations
nationwide. She has been featured in dozens of newspapers and appeared on
numerous radio and TV talk shows across the country. Her work is known as the
bridge between psychology, healthcare and domestic abuse advocacy.

Dr. King received the Heart of Gold Award 2006 for outstanding humanitarian
contribution by T Harv Eker Peak Potentials Training in recognition for her work in
domestic abuse education with healthcare professionals.

Her groundbreaking book All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control has been used
as a college textbook in criminal justice and has helped thousands of people break
the cycle of abuse and reclaim a life of peace, dignity and respect.

Dr. King developed the Intimate Partner Abuse Screen®, which is an assessment
tool that makes detection of intimate partner violence more expedient and accurate
in both professional and personal use. It is the first tool to clearly bring to light the
subtle communication patterns of intimate partner violence.

Dr. King earned her doctorate degree in Psychology from Northwestern University.
She was founding director of the Chicago Center for the Treatment of Pain and
Stress, and past president of the Illinois Biofeedback Society. Before shifting her
focus to helping abuse survivors and their advocates, she pioneered the
Biofeedback and Stress Reduction Program®, conducted in hospitals with
thousands of patients for the treatment of pain, stress and illness

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