censorshipToday, AngelGroup received word that Domestic Violence Mother activists are being banned from commenting on Huffington Post.  If these women were swearing or offering rude opinions based purely in emotional conjecture, then we could understand.  However, what they posted was based in fact and they provided substantiation for those facts. 

So why would Huffington Post pull the comments?

HuffPost's Social News Editor, Adam Clark Estes states that removal was "in accordance with commenting guidelines".  AngelGroup looked at the "guidelines" under HuffPost's FAQ.  The only thing that could be remotely used to validate removal was  an "ad hominem attack".  In plain english this means "personal attack".  To claim "ad hominem" as cause would be an extreme stretch, in the least.

The article that motivated these Mothers to comment, "Stop the Poison", was posted on November 8, 2010.  Read here.

Commenting is supposed to offer a variety of opinions.  If they happen to be in disagreement, so be it.  That's the point of offering this online function.  That being said, judge for yourself whether these women crossed the line:

Comment 1:

As a Marriage & Family Therapist, I saw this article & thought 'Oh good - a new article on divorce' but I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw 'parental alienation'.  I don't know who this author is, but someone might want to tell him that PAS & 'parental alienation' aren't scientific FACT but a charlatan's carefully crafted FICTION.

Has your child ever befriended a kid who you think is a bad/dangerous influence?  What do you do?  You certainly don't encourage the relationship or say nice things about the kid your child thinks is so cool, right?  But the more you badmouth & criticize your child's friend, the more your child will hate/resent YOU for saying such (in their minds) unwarranted & mean things.  No child is going to reject someone they love simply on someone's else's say-so UNLESS there is some form of intimidation, use of force, threat, coercion or tangible punishment attached to the badmouthing.  Badmouthing + threats/use of force/deprivation = brainwashing (a form of torture) & CHILD ABUSE - it is NOT 'parental alienation'.  Children can parrot a parent, but that doesn't mean they believe what they're parroting UNLESS there are threats/use of force/deprivation.  Again, it's called CHILD ABUSE, not 'parental alienation'.  

If you're going to print something useful on divorce, you might want to check your facts first before publishing - just a suggestion.

Comment 2:


Not only were these women banned from posting on this article, but they are banned from posting on any article put out by HuffPo.  Seems a bit extreme, dontcha think?

It should be noted that most of these Mothers have lost their children to this junk science.  While it's called PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) when the judge and dad want mom out of the way, the same isn't applicable with the tables turned.  These  women - many who are survivors of Family Violence - have to live every day knowing that their children are being raised by a violent and abusive parent; one who manipulated a broken system to his advantage.

At some point it will stop being 'fashionable" or more accurately "profitable" to support an abusive parent (male or female).  Until then, it's heart-breakingly unfortunate that the children continue to pay the price...the same children that are the future parents, bankers, legislators, car mechanics, etc. 

Censorship only feeds the broken system.
Where is the outrage?

AngelGroup will be contacting HuffPo for a more specific comment on why these women were banned.  We will keep you updated.

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