It's shameful that a few renegade judges are allowed to remain employed in Hawaii.  They have violated their oaths, canons, and common decency.

In Maui's Family Court, Judge Keith E. Tanaka continues his careless (or calculated) rampage through the lives of court clients, and their children.

Judge Tanaka doesn't believe that statutory law is the purview of his appointment.  He believes he is allowed to legislate from the bench.  A case in point is domestic violence survivor, Maria Styke-Marquez, who lost her child under Tanaka's thumb, to her abuser, (Bruce Anthony Sotelo, Jr.).  Maria and her 2.5 year old daughter were separated by Tanaka in September 2010.   Maria was beaten so badly that her unborn baby (4 months) was killed.  She was  hospitalized and Bruce was tossed in jail.  Tanaka's solution?  Give the toddler to an abusive man, allow him to relocate, and discontinue all contact with the mother.  State statute 571-46(9) forbids this.

Read the press release on Maria's hearing(s).

Well, Maria can always appeal, right? 

Except that her litigation in front of Tanaka has financially devastated her.  Maybe that was the point since she's already won an appeal against Tanaka for a ruling he made in 2007 (See Case No. 28562). 

Well then, Maria can always report Tanaka to the Commission on Judicial Conduct, right?

The problem with the COJC is that they don't hold their judges accountable for violations of Judicial Canons and/or ethics.  Instead they protect them.  The same thing is occurring with Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) where one can report a violation of ethics by an attorney.  There is no true accountability for any attorney or judge in the state of Hawaii.  There is a LOT of profit in having court litigants fighting for justice in an apparant environment of racketeering.

Maria and other court clients who are attempting to bring accountability and awareness about the broken court and social services in Hawaii and on Maui, are participating in a joint House/Senate Legislative Intervention Committee. Judge Tanaka was noticed of a few of his cases that are under review (Maria's is one). 

He pledged full cooperation (in another one); however, he ommitted pertinent information that would have cast him in a very different light.  The Legislative Committee is very intriqued by this ommission.  Further, now that Maria's case is so obviously a violation of laws implemented by these lawmakers, let's see who rises to the occasion and demands accountability from the Judiciary.


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