PhoneRecordTapHello Angels:)

One of you wrote in and suggested that we make all Angels aware of something very important...

This is:  In Hawaii, you can legally record conversations if you're a party to the conversation (without letting anyone else know.)  Hawaii is a "one party consent" state.  Please keep in mind that this also applies in reverse - (Someone can record you).  There are  restrictions so please make sure you read the statutes.  (Read link below).

AngelGroup has been suggesting for years now - behind-the-scenes - that those of you who are involved in situations of domestic abuse, contested divorce/custody cases, communicating with corrupt officials and agencies, etc., TURN ON THE RECORDER.

How this can help

  • Record your court hearings (it would be best to keep this discrete)
  • Record conversations that happen before and after hearings
  • Record all conversations between yourself and Child Welfare Services, Department of Human Services, Police, Attorneys, Custody Evaluators, Guardian ad Litems...You get the picture, right?  All of these conversations can be attached to documents or submitted into evidence at an evidentiary hearing.  They can also be used to bring suit against offenders either on your own or via the prosecutor's office.
  • Protect yourself against false misrepresentations by a violent ex (or family member)
  • Gather proof about behaviors of a violent ex (or family member)
  • It eliminates the "he said/she said"
  • It wipes away denial of "direction" you were given that resulted in you being held accountable (of course this doesn't apply if it's criminal activity)

You don't need a fancy set-up.  Most phones (like iPhone) have "voice memo" capability.  The quality is amazing.  Some references are included below.

Maybe it's time AngelGroup started making some video compilations with the voices and video of our local criminals in high places.  Give it some thought.  We will too.  Public release coming to a YouTube channel near you?

OK Angels...Be on your best behavior and make sure you can substantiate those recordings!!!

READ IT  --  Haw. Rev. Stat. §§803-42(b)(3) & 711-1111(1)(d)



RCA Digital Voice Recorder at Walmart

Mini Recorder Control at Radio Shack

Note: Make sure you back-up your data!!! Perhaps give a second copy to a friend for safe-keeping.  As you have time, create written transcripts from the recordings.  Recordings can also be "video".

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