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February 07, 2011

RE: Feb. 7 Legislative Briefing re: Domestic Violence, renegade judges, disregard for statutory law, investigations – Chaired by Rep. John Mizuno

Aloha Legislators Committee members,

Thank you for your continuing and needed attention to these matters of great concern.

As you are aware from over a year of testimony and your own eye-witness accounts, there are travesties of justice happening around court clients who are survivors of Domestic Violence (DV). Over and over you're hearing about cases where judges aren't following the law, para-professionals are lying on record and under oath, and where crimes (in any other court) are allowed to continue unchecked, in favor of Abusers. This must stop. This must be corrected immediately.

A clear example
A murder happens. Someone is arrested and thrown in jail. In the trial, the judge refused to allow or consider evidence that would set the incarcerated person free. Years later the "real" murderer is exposed. Numerous letters are written to government officials (including the Judiciary) while the murderer roams free. There was clearly a violation that happened in the courtroom. Laws were not applied and someone has lost years of their life and been wrongfully subjected to torture because they're forced to live behind bars even though they did nothing wrong. At what point is "immediate correction" taken to incarcerate the real murderer and set the innocent party free?

I believe that the same immediate correction needs to happen in these cases before you; these cases under Legislative Review. Right now, you have hard evidence that shows judges giving custody to abusers. Statutory law forbids this. These abusers are even allowed to relocate out of state. The Protective Parent is denied all contact. In essence, the parenting rights are terminated.

Yes, these court litigants can "appeal" the findings of the "trial court" but that takes years. Children are not children forever...they grow up. As it stands, certain judges like Keith Tanaka (2nd Circuit), Paul Murakami (1st Circuit), and Calvin Murashige (5th Circuit) need to be reined in. They do NOT have permission, authority or jurisdiction to legislate form the bench. Even stronger, they are intimately involved with child endangerment. They are perpetrating court sanctioned Child abuse. I could go on with a list of crimes but for the sake of this discussion, this is adequate.

Weak options
The Judiciary has responded that court clients have two options: 1) appeal and 2) complaint to the Commission of Judicial Conduct.

Appeal has been mentioned above but let's add that most of these family court clients have been financially devastated. Emotional devastation goes without saying since they've lost all contact with their children. Those that find enough money to proceed to the ICA are suffocated in a legal environment for which they have no training or expertise. Appeals are a highly technical thing and most of these litigants are forced to proceed Pro Se. The odds are stacked against them.

The Commission on Judicial Conduct appears to offer nothing more than lip service to "accountability...sunshine...transparency". Substantiated complaints of violation of Judicial Canons are being "dismissed". They find no wrong-doing. These complaints are CLEAR violations of Judicial Canons, not abstract accusations. Many of you have been provided copies. The Courts cannot police themselves. Even if they were able, we would not be dealing with the abuses at hand. The same issues are occurring with Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) who is supposed to hold attorneys accountable for violations of ethics. They are not holding their attorneys accountable either. Of course it's understandable that both organizations would want to "protect their own"; however, their purpose is to protect the public...the consumer...the court client. The taxpayer should not have to pay for this cronyism.

Family Court clients who are involved in contested cases are overwhelming stripped of all their assets. Most DV Survivors are left with nothing (including children). This forces them on to State Aid. The cost of re-litigating these issues over and over and over is not cost-effective for the Judiciary either whose docket is already over-booked. The statutes are clear. Children do not go to Abusers. Survivors do not
have to reveal their addresses and relocation cannot be held against them. Laws are laws and these apply to Family Court Judges as well.

Send a Message
Yesterday, on the Carroll Cox radio show, these very issues were discussed. The topic was broached about what to do to for cases already influenced by court abuses. New legislation (if applied) can make a difference but what about cases where the law wasn't applied. I believe that Judges would receive a strong message if the law IS applied to these cases immediately, children are returned to protective parents and the public is made aware of this correction. Laws are not effective if they are not applied. Power can be corrupt if sunshine isn't applied.

We have new leadership. These court clients and their children have suffered wrongful imprisonment long enough. They are begging to be free of fear and abuse, for themselves and their children. With your assistance, this is a very real possibility.

AngelGroup is in full support of the present and ongoing investigations. The moment has arrived to take things to the next level.

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