bad family court judge - fox newsLast week Fox News' Gina Silva ran a story on Family Court corruption and the illegal snatching of children by judges who do not follow the law.  Very brave to touch a story that most in the main stream media (and 'independent" news) will not touch with a 20 foot pole.  The story was called "Bad Behavior Behind The Bench" and it contained video footage proof of a judge breaking the law.

Surprise Surprise...the video is now UNavailable.  If the main stream media and the news "professionals" can't gather enough courage to tell the truth, who is going to stand up for these children and victimized court clients.


judicial censorship family court 2Additionally, The story has even been wiped out of Fox's search database...hmmm.


judicial censorship family court 3


It still shows in Google though...


judicial censorship family court 1


If anyone happened to grab a copy, please let us know and we'd be happy to host the video.


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