rally_kauai_091709AngelGroup supports rally on Kauai

"Angels" on Kauai successfully rallied on September 10 & 17, 2009; eliciting the support of the community who honked horns and shouted out, "Good for you", "It's about time somebody did something!", "Something definitely needs to be done!", and "Save our children!"

The rally was organized by a Mother who won a historic acquital in California, after running with her daughter and being jailed for 5 1/2 months.  This Mother was acquited in CA based on the physical evidence of abuse of her daughter, who is currently living in Hawaii with the persons she accused of violating her.  This continues with permission of Hawaii Family Court Judge, Calvin Murashige.

These gender-neutral rallies were created to bring attention to Family Court's indifference in addressing substantiated allegation of sexual abuse against children and the misappropriation of custody to the "abuser"; resulting in the railroading and eradication of the parent who "reports" on behalf of the child(ren) and/or takes action to protect them.

Rally signs stated:

  • No Custody for Abusers
  • Kauai is No Paradise for Abused Children
  • Stop Abuse
  • Judge Ignores Child Sex Abuse
  • heartAloha for our Children


Read an article about the rally, written by Paul C. Curtis/ The Garden Island Please post your comments below the article

Read the Press Release for the Rally

For information about past rallies and/or to participate in the next one, call Jonea: 707 364-5069

If you'd like to organize a rally on your island, please contact AngelGroup

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