aba_imgAngelGroup sent a letter to the American Bar Association, which promotes the motto, "Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice".  We officially requested they investigate ostensible corruption in Office of the Disciplinary Counsel, Commission on Judicial Conduct, and Office of the Attorney General.

Though focused, AngelGroup's  intention in doing this should not be construed as malicious. This request is  based on reasonable evidence of substantiated violations of ethics, canons and law.  These same alleged violations have been disregarded and violators were not held accountable to their oaths, canons, code of ethics or the letter of the law.

In light of the new promises of "transparency" in government, and in compliance with our constitutional rights, we are seeking to encourage Hawaii's elected and appointed officials to remember their obligations and awaken their conscience.

An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.

~ Orlando A. Battista ~

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