There is a valid concern for protecting children, and the Protective Parent that speaks on the child's behalf, from Hawaii's Family Courts.  Reports have been coming in from parents who reported abuse and/or neglect to the proper authorities, based on the allegations of the minor and because of this, custody of the child(ren) was given to the alleged or convicted abuser.

In contested custody hearings, and especially in the case of existing Domestic Abuse cases, custody is often given to the abuser.  The "Protective Parent" is framed in the eyes of the court to be harrassing the other parent or bringing forward false allegations.  In consideration, should the Protective Parent not disclose the child's statements, they can be brought up on charges.  It is clearly a tricky road when the family courts are involved.

California has issued a national survey for cases where the children were placed by family courts in the custody of, or unsupervised visitation with, their identified abusing parent.

Download the Protective Parent Survey

When complete, mail/fax survey to:

1731 Howe Ave., #168
Sacramento, CA 95825-2209
530-758-9785 - Fax

800-441-7886 - Phone

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