It has come to the attention of AngelGroup that there have been some recent abuses of judicial discretion in regard to Child Support Orders in the courts of Judge Keith E. Tanaka (Maui) and Judge Paul T. Murakami (Oahu).

If any of you Angels have suffered abuse from the judiciary by being ordered to pay in violation of Guidelines, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and include the following:

  • Your Case Number
  • Your Judge
  • What evidence the judge had to show he should have made an alternate ruling (from both sides)
  • Was Discovery required and enforced by the court so that it had the information to make an informed decision?

Child Support Guidelines exist to assist Parties and the court in determining support payments.  The State has provided a link for you to access this information and it is included below.

The State  also provides a Handbook on Child Support Enforcement.  The link for this is included below as well.

AngelGroup is in contact with legislators who are taking a very close look at abuses in the Family Court.  We will be continuing our dialogue with them and we will continue to request you come forward to petition for change.  Get organized and make sure you can back up your statements with a piece of paper or a person (evidence).

Thanks for being Angels of Action!

Handbook on Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Guidelines

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