At last a legislator has drafted a resolution that calls for an audit of Hawaii's Family Court.  Senator Gabbard has taken a tough stance and the hard road. He's put a steel-toed boot in the closed door policies of the judiciary; the same judiciary that doesn't deserve your faith, trust and confidence because it refuses to hold itself accountable.

There is a crisis of epidemic proportion in the Family Court and this is:

Judges aren't following the law.

Well, some judges are, but reports from EVERY island indicate there are numerous renegade judges who feel they're above the law.  One way or another, they will be held accountable.  It's possible that they may even have a heart-attack of conscience (unlikely but possible).

Angels...Please see Senator Gabbard's draft of the resolution posted below.  Representative Mizuno introduced this "House Concurrent Resolution" and you will find the link to H.C.R No. 81 below.  Express your appreciation to Senator Gabbard and Representative Mizuno for their courage and commitment to fight on your behalf.

Resolution requesting an audit of Child Custody proceedings involving the commission of Family Violence by a parent, to asses the use and application of Section 571-46. Hawaii Revised Statutes.

Read H.C.R. 81

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