So proud of you Angels!!!  Today you achieved a well fought and deserved victory!

You are really following through. Even more people came forward for today's round of hearings on S.C.R. 91.  New cases were in the double digits. Testimony from family members was in addition to that.  S.C.R 91 was passed out of the Human Services & Judiciary, Government Operations committees, unopposed.  Instead of an Audit we are now doing a Senate Investigation.  This appears to be a good thing.  Senator Gabbard and Representative Mizuno were very pleased with the outcome. 

The next Committee S.C.R 91 goes to is Ways & Means (financing).  We need you to continue to submit testimony.  For those who haven't yet testified...RAISE YOUR VOICE NOW!

For those who have NOT yet testified, AngelGroup will be posting something soon to guide you through this process.  We want you to be included in the investigation. 

For everyone, please start compiling information on how much money your case has cost, including how much it has cost taxpayers (welfare, food stamps, CWS, etc) .

Stay-tuned for more details to be posted soon...

Read the referral to the Ways and Means (WAM) Committee

Read the written testimony submitted

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