Protective Mom Amanda Hodge has offered to send a press release to local news affiliates on the networks that air the Dr. Phil Show. She will offer local interviews with Protective Parents who have survived the Family Court Crisis.

Amanda has already heard from nearly 100 Protective Parents. If you have not contacted her yet, and you are willing to share your story with local media, email ONLY the information below to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , BEFORE NEXT FRIDAY APRIL 9 (NOTE that Amanda is a volunteer with limited time, and that she can ONLY include your story if you supply all of the details requested and if you submit it in the exact format below):
  1. Your Name and the City/State where you live.
  2. Your Contact information (Phone & Email).
  3. The name of your local Dr. Phil station (KSBW or WALA for example, not CBS) & the name and email of the News Director at that station (click here to find your station, then visit the station's website to find their news director's information).
  4. Please indicate what you are willing to do below:
    • Willing to use your name in the press release?
    • To be interviewed on camera by the press?
    • How about an anonymous interview (Jane Doe)?
    • Willing to name the courthouse your case is in?

**Amanda needs to hear from everybody willing to participate by NEXT FRIDAY (April 9th) to adapt a release for your local area.
Please be aware that there is no guarantee that the local press will interview you.      

Questions about this action? Please call Amanda at 334-750-2280 (EDT). CJE will be supporting her, but will not be fielding calls or responding to emails about this action.

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