As most of you know, SCR91 passed off the Senate floor last Friday.  It now heads to the House.  As of 4/12/10, it was referred to HUS, JUD, LMG, FIN (referral sheet 67).  The resolution must be heard in ALL 4-committees by Monday, April 19th.  The need to have it heard by all 4-committees in such a short time-frame is highly unusual, (SuperFerry was the most in recent history and it was only referred to 3-committees).  This is a seeming intent by Rep. Oshiro, to kill this resolution that calls for Judicial Accountability. 

Let's start calling Angels...

Rep. Mizuno has stated that he's willing to waive hearing but he cannot speak to what the rest of the committees will do.  We can request it be 1) set for hearing (in order) or 2) set for joint hearing (all at once).  Please call the chairs of all the committees to request they waive or set for hearing.  If (3) of the committees agree to hear, the hearing can be set for a date past April 19th.

The Representatives page is up and working

See who is on these committees:

HUS - Human Services Committee - (Mizuno, in STRONG Support)

JUD - Judiciary Committee

LMG - Legislative Management Committee

FIN - Finance Committee

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