Hello Angels!
As most of you know, SCR91 passed off the Senate floor last Friday.  It now heads to the House.  As of 4/12/10, it was referred to HUS, JUD, LMG, FIN... 

FOUR Committees!!!

SCR91 must be heard in all by Monday, April 19th.

This is unprecedented in recent history!

Even the SuperFerry was only 3-Committees and if you'll recall, it was a HUGE issue.  Legislators and Advocates alike are shocked (but not surprised) at this apparent strategy to kill SCR91...The quadruple referral was done by Rep. BLAKE Oshiro (there are 2 Oshiros), andby  those Mr. Oshiro answers to (Judiciary?).

Sooooo...to all you Angels...GREAT JOB!!!

Such a strong opposition move shows that the judiciary is really struggling to keep their NEED for accountability under wraps. 

They know that our investigation will unveil MUCH more than our target.   It will show that everything you've been saying for years is TRUE and CREDIBLE:
  • Children are being sold to the highest bidder; laundered through the Family Court
  • Children are being given to their abusive parent
  • Severe and widespread abuses of judicial discretion
  • Survivors of Domestic Violence are victimized further in Family Court
  • Laws ignored...Due Process ignored
  • Custody Evaluators and Guardian ad Litems operating in violation of law and with no oversight
  • Cronyism usurping the Rule of Law,  Ethics and Judicial Canons
  • Whistleblowers punished with retaliatory actions by agencies and officials

What shall we do?

Surprisingly...NOTHING until Thursday afternoon. 

There are some strong forces petitioning on your behalf (once again...Good Job!) and we need to give them a window to act.  If they haven't achieved their goals by Thursday afternoon, THEN get out your bows and arrows, your big hearts, and dialing fingers...we will let them know how we feel.

In the meantime, familiarize yourself with the players and most importantly the Chairs of the Committees.

Committee Members:

HUS - Human Services Committee  (Mizuno - In STRONG Support)

JUD - Judiciary Committee

LMG - Legislative Management Committee

FIN - Finance Committee   (M. Oshiro - In STRONG Support)

FYI - The Representatives page is up and working


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