Listen Up all you protective parents and other Dr. Phil viewers out there who want to take your anger, your frustration, your sadness, and your hopelessness at the broken family court system and do something powerful with it. Our work has just begun! This is Kathleen Russell from last night's show.

Let's take the momentum from last night's show and do something positive with it in the world! The Center for Judicial Excellence is fighting for you. We are collecting your stories, we are connecting you with each other, we are fighting to change laws, we are working to get more media attention, and we are organizing you all into a major force to be reckoned with! We are working with protective parents across the United States and beyond to "Be Silent No More!"

At long last, the family court crisis has been given a voice and made an appearance on American mainstream media! Kudos to Dr. Phil and his fabulous crew. The response to last night's show has been overwhelming, as we knew in our hearts that it would be!

Please be sure to sign up for the Center for Judicial Excellence Enewsletters by visiting our website at That way you can receive our ongoing Enews about the work we are doing to fix the broken system. If you live in California, then you can join us in Sacramento to testify to state lawmakers about your experiences. We have hearings coming up in the next few months! If you live outside of California, then you can learn about what we are up to and apply it in your state, like the amazing Angels in Hawaii have!

The California State Auditor is currently investigating the use of court appointees in California- and while she is focusing the investigation in Marin and Sacramento counties- her work will have repurcussions for every county in California. Visit the CJE website listed above to read more about the huge battle right now between the California Judiciary and the California State Auditor. She is fighting hard and threatening subpoenas because the California courts are refusing to give her the legally mandated access that she requires to complete the audit. We wonder why, huh? You all know why they are stonewalling...

You can write letters to the editor right now- or submit anonymous blog postings online after these articles- we have had 5 major news articles, op eds and editorials about the family courts in California in just the past week alone! Go to the Center for Judicial Excellence website and click on the left hand column to respond to these articles- share your nightmare in the family court!

Watch CJE's 12-minute video trailer of the award-winning documentary film, Family Court Crisis: Our Children At Risk, by clicking here- or by visiting the CJE website and clicking on the link for the family law documentary.

Check out CJE's 9-minute video slideshow that puts a human face on the family courts crisis by profiling the stories of 40 mothers, fathers and children whose lives have been devastated in the family court system.

Check out our PhotoBook that profiles 14 cases from across the U.S. We are raising money to try to expand this project. Write up your story in one page, focusing on how the system has failed your children, and email it to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . See the CJE website for examples on how to write up your story.

We are hoping to get funding soon for a Leadership Development Training for Protective Parents! Let us know if you are interested in learning how to tell your story to lawmakers, to the media, and to the general public in a weekend training. Help us organize a Lobby Day at your State Capitol! Space will be limited for this first training (which we hope to know about funding for in the next month), but we are hopeful that we can offer this training to more litigants as resources allow!

IMPORTANT NOTE- We fully appreciate that not all protective parents feel safe speaking out as public advocates about your cases, and we know that judicial retaliation is a VERY real occurrence in many of your cases. So there is no pressure at all for anyone to jeopardize your visitation with your children. But for many parents, you have nothing left to lose- since you have already lost the most precious thing in the world to you- your children. Whether you wish to remain anonymous or speak on national television, there are many different ways to get involved with CJE.

So that's it for now, brave parents, grandparents and children, and honorable Dr. Phil viewers.

Please stay strong, and never forget that your children do love you, even if you cannot protect them right now. You brought them into this world, and no bond is more powerful. Don't give up, don't give in. And always keep this famous Margaret Mead Quote in the forefront of your mind-

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Much love, Kathleen

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