mothers_day_marchSunday, May 9th (Mother's Day) a peaceful demonstration and sign-waving will be held in recognition of mothers who have lost custody of their children after fleeing a violent and/or abusive relationship.

Where: The State Capitol Building, mauka side
Time:  10:00am - 11:30am

Wear Purple and bring a sign that reflects your feelings of loss and/or a call to end abuse and injustice in Hawaii. (suggestions below)

This event, "Mothers (Without Kids) Day" will be conducted in solidarity and in support of the "Mother's Day at The White House" event taking place in Washington, DC on Mother's Day, where survivor moms from across the country will convene to call attention to this national problem.

A proclamation asking for a federal investigation into such cases will be given to The President at that event, along with survivor stories from across the country that illustrate this egregious problem.

Purple is the color that represents Domestic Violence. If you fear being identified or retaliated against, please conceal yourself with sunglasses and a hat or a scarf.

Sign suggestions:

  1. Children are taken from safe mothers and forced to live with abusers. Why?
  2. I gave birth to a beloved daughter: Her batterer has custody
  3. I gave birth to a cherished son: His identified molester has custody
  4. I gave birth to three precious children: Our violator has custody.
  5. I fear judicial retaliation: What country IS this? (if a scarf is over your face)
  6. Mr. President, please stop the children's suffering

Press Releases will be sent out so the media MAY be present; please know that AngelGroup cannot guarantee or be responsible for your anonymity, safety, or protect you from consequences that may come as a result from participating in this event; however, silence changes nothing and we encourage you to join us. That being said, please put safety first. Make efforts to conceal your identity if you at all feel you're at-risk.

Friends, family members, children, supporters and allies always welcome to stand with us. Hope to see you there

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