scr91_circle-of-friendsHello Angels!

A circle of friends is forming around the foundational essence of SCR91. There has been so much going on to benefit you that it's actually quite amazing!

The SCR91 Task Force is in Motion and will be holding their 2nd meeting on the 29th! The legislators really meant it when they said they cared!

In a time when we see so many "Leaders" saying one thing and doing another, you will be proud to know that there are Hawaii lawmakers and advocacy organizations who actually walk their talk! A few notable Legislators to mention: Sen Chun-Oakland, Sen. Baker, and Rep. Theilin.

AngelGroup has been witness to real "hands-on" involvement from the SCR91 Task Force.

Despite dealing with an embedded web of bad habits from agencies and individuals who are in place to protect you, this Task Force is actually making things happen...the wave is beginning to roll.

As it rolls, everyone is getting "real-time" examples of what you've been saying...

  • Judges not following the law
  • DV survivors losing custody and contact with their children
  • Rebuttable presumption being ignored and disregarded
  • DV survivors being re-victimized via the Family Court
  • CWS "choosing sides"
  • Insiders working to "cover-up" rather than "fess-up" (and make a child safe)
  • Protocols being broken and determination made prior to a "true" investigation being done, etc.

This has been an amazing eye-opening month and it's not done yet!

The SECOND SCR91Task Force Meeting is fast arriving.
Judge McKenna will be speaking (and listening), as well as Dara Carlin (survivor and advocate).

Location: State Capitol; Conference Room 225
When: Thursday July 29, 2010; 3:30 pm

The last meeting was held on June 23 and a summary of the meeting from Dara Carlin is as follows:

"The hour-long SCR91 meeting started out by reviewing where SCR91 came from and what it entailed. During that process, others in the room shared their professional experiences with family court evaluation and custody cases, police, and CPS intervention (or the lack thereof) with everything boiling down to the themes of:

"No accountability, no oversight, no consistency = no order

"Good laws and great statutes but completely worthless because there's no enforcement or application of them

"The discussion spoke of these issues on all islands, (not just Oahu), plus the variations between them. Audits in other jurisdictions (such as CA's Marin County) were briefly mentioned to illustrate the magnitude of these problems on a national scale.

"When asked what the goals of this SCR91 audit would be, I replied "correction and ongoing accountability"."

Please join us for the upcoming SCR91 Task Force Meeting to listen and share.

You deserve to be heard...People are listening.

If you'd like to submit a letter, please send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will pass on to the appropriate parties. Comments are welcome from survivors and professionals alike. If you'd like your information to be confidential, please specify that in the email. You can also send a hard-copy to: POB 1474, Puunene, HI 96784.

Now is the time to change your world. Step up!

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