California Protective Parents Association has compiled and initial set of cases to illustrate the nationwide crisis in the Family Court.

Read cases here

If you'd like to submit your story, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and she will add as time permits.  Thanks Connie!

As you read the stories,  tell yourself over and over that you are not alone and that you did nothing wrong. There are thousands of others in your shoes. There is power in numbers.

Connie (who compiled the stories) has provided you a most-wonderful tool to use in lending credibility to your story when you talk to the media and your legislators. Let down your anger, put on your pearls, and walk into your legislators office with this tool. You should be able to calmly show that there is a systemic problem in your community, and you'd like to work with your local courthouse to help stop the violence, and protect our community's children. Direct the media in your area to this tool as well. Let them see how many are affected, and point out that you can see a very common pattern in what happens when a child reports abuse.

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