On the morning of Saturday, September 18, the polls will open across Maui County, and you will be faced with a very important decision. The upcoming Primary Election offers several, distinctly different choices, all of which hold far-reaching consequences for the General Election in November.


  • Paying the highest taxes in the USA?
  • Joblessness and Unemployment?
  • Too much government regulation/intervention?
  • Voice of the people being ignored?
  • Out of control government spending of tax $$$?
  • Slowly losing your Individual Rights?

If your answer is "yes," then take these names to the polls on Saturday, September 18, and cast your vote for one of these candidates >>> TEA Party Primary Flyer

Why are many incumbent candidates missing? These incumbent candidates' voting records and/or political platforms reflect values not aligned with the Maui TEA Party, including support of Cap and Trade, increasing taxes for businesses and individuals, as well as measures that expand the reach of government. To learn more, visit www.vote-smart.org.

Maui TEA Party candidates: TEA Party Primary Flyer

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