CandlelightVigil-boyAndrea Wills was a freshman at an Illinois college when her ex-boyfriend, Justin Boulay, strangled her to death in 1998. Sentenced to 24 years in jail, he is getting out after only 12 and a half years for good behavior. While incarcerated, Boulay married one of the character witnesses from his trial who is an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii's Medical School. Once released, Boulay will be relocating to Oahu to live with his wife.

Andrea's friends and family are devastated by the injustice of all of it and will be holding a candlelight vigil on the day of Boulay's release from prison. They have asked that we in Hawaii carry on the flame by holding a candlelight vigil in Andrea's memory, so that's what we're going to do! Hope to see you there ~

When: Tuesday, November 16th
Where: The Hawaii State Capitol Building
Time: 6:00pm
Request: Wear purple, the color that represents domestic violence

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