Angels, As you now know, John Mizuno is a candidate for Director of DHS (Dept. of Human Services) in Abercrombie's administration.  You are invited to submit a letter of support for Rep. Mizuno:

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AngelGroup's letter to Governor-elect Abercrombie is as follows:

November 14, 2010

Aloha Governor-elect Abercrombie,

Congratulations on your recent victory and best of luck to you and your administration as you seek to make great strides towards progress while rectifying errors made by the previous administration. I am writing to you today in part to tell you about a few egregious errors and to wholeheartedly support your consideration of Representative John Mizuno as the Director of the Department of Human Services. He would be a slam-dunk solution to many of the challenges we face as we move forward.

Please allow me to first introduce you to AngelGroup ( AngelGroup is spearheaded by those who've experienced (or observed) corruption and/or incompetence in Hawaii's legal system and/or social services. We advocate consistent, proactive and pragmatic action, with avoidance of as many pitfalls as possible. To this end, we provide an ever-growing base of resources and research. At present, we are working to eliminate a notorious pattern of Family Court abuses that are harming survivors of Domestic Violence, including the children. A few renegade judges are disregarding statutory law and awarding custody of children to abusers. Out of this battle was born the SCR91 Legal Interventions Committee, chaired by Sen. Chun-Oakland, and attended by Sen. Gabbard, Rep. Ward, Rep. Theilin and last but not least, Rep. John Mizuno. Last year's session yielded
overwhelming joint House/Senate support. The testimony of brave whistleblowers was heart-wrenching and solidified the credibility of the "too horrible to be true" stories. These stories involve cover-ups, cronyism and outright corruption by state organizations (read: DHS/CWS) and certain members of the Judiciary. Instead of backing down, the Angels have grown in numbers. One of the primary points of hope has been the unwavering commitment of Mr. Mizuno, to investigate, make public, and correct blatant wrong-doing. (Please note: DHS/CWS and HSCADV has been noticeably missing from these meetings, unless summoned).

When the [Governor] appointed [the DHS Director] 7-years ago, she apparently sentenced the people of Hawaii to a Gestapo-like ruler who perpetuated and supported an elite, exclusionary circle of power where rank and title determined who's voice was heard. Within the first year, those who wanted to keep their jobs learned to keep their eyes down and their mouths shut. Those in the "inner circle" forged "friendships and alliances" that would ensure their position(s) for the duration of [the DHS Director's] reign. In exchange for their silence and compliance, DHS workers were assured unwavering support and "clean-up" during times of crisis (ie: a DHS worker did or failed to do something that directly led to a tragic outcome). This "guarantee" created a workforce that was fiercely dedicated to their own, rather than the clients they were entrusted to serve. Knowing that they were "untouchable" in terms of punishment or consequence, DHS has been able to act in complete secrecy; their arrogance unabated. This has exacted a heavy toll on Hawaii's most vulnerable.

As an example: If a Mother reports her CPS Worker to a superior for a grievance, is NOT correction or an amends. Instead, the Mother is faced with an angry and vindictive CPS Worker who has full power to make her life a living hell. If the grievance is reported to the Family Court judge, the judge automatically takes the CPS Worker's "word" because they're "on the same team". Continue to air the grievance and the Mother finds herself childless after being labeled a "danger" to her child by CPS. The "danger" doesn't need to be substantiated or proven...just stated openly as fact. Far from allegorical, this story is part of the "pattern" happening in Hawaii today. Please contact me if you'd like numerous "real-life" examples (with proof).

So that's a 'tip of the iceberg' problem. The solution? John Mizuno.

John has personally worked in DHS so he knows what it's like to be a "worker". As House Chair of the HUS Committee, he's proven himself to be a leader who - unlike DHS's current director - is accessible, approachable, inclusive, doesn't "take sides" or "play favorites", and persists until a solution that all can understand is found. (Please note: I said "a solution that all can understand" rather than "a solution that all like".) John doesn't shy away from awkward, uncomfortable or potentially volatile situations. He handles such negotiations with the utmost of respect for all who come before him. His decisions are pragmatic. He encourages collaboration in resolving problems, and at times this includes a pairing of a 'professional' with a 'layperson'. He values the "whole" story; valuing contributions from both sides of the fence and recognizing the inherent need to remove the insulated, padded, elite seats to get at the heart of the issue.

If John has a "chink in his armor" it is that he speaks from the heart; however, we're all saturated with posturing and promises. Everyone is hungry for truth, action and a genuineness of spirit that can "inspire" (rather than conspire) to birth a loyal, dedicated, and focused team. John can power down the stranglehold of the favored few; reestablishing balance and confidence in the creative, versatile and moral majority that is thirsty to 'do the right thing' without imminent threat of joining the ranks of the unemployed.

I have it on good source that your consideration of John as DHS Director is causing quite a stir at DHS. In all of what I've just told you, it is easy to see that John's way of leading is a radical departure from the closed system that's been in place for the past 7-years. They've enjoyed their power and status and are now nervous and reluctant to give it up. Undoubtedly, you'll receive letters recommending 'one of DHS's own' for the Director position that openly criticizes John as a candidate. I hope you weigh the consequences for Hawaii's vulnerable if the "insiders" are allowed to continue their reign.

I wholeheartedly believe, based on my experiences working with John Mizuno, (and observing his daily commitment) that appointing him as DHS Director will be one of the best decisions for (a) Hawaii; (b) the future (our children); and (c) the undisputed integrity of your administration.

Looking forward to your successful sojourn...

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